Effective Date: February 28, 2023

(effective % per annum)
  Prime Lending Rate (SBDK)
Base On Loan Segment 
Corporate Loan Retail Loan  Micro Loan Consumer Loan 
Housing Loan  Non Housing Loan
Prime Lending Rate (SBDK) 7.90 8.10 N/A 7.20 5.96


  • Prime Lending Rate (Suku Bunga Dasar Kredit – SBDK) is used as the basis for determining lending rate to be charged by Bank to customers. Prime Lending Rate does not include the estimated individual credit risk premium of which depends on the Bank’s risk assessment on each individual debtor or group debtors. Thus, the lending rate for each debtor might be different from The Prime Lending Rate.

  • Consumer Credit non-Housing Loan excluding Credit Card and Uncollateralized Credit (Kredit Tanpa Agunan).

  • Consumer Credit non-Housing Loan is Auto Loan through joint financing scheme with PT BCA Finance.

  • Prime Lending Rate for Consumer Credit Housing Loan is variable (floating) rate.