10 Jul 2024 | Edukatips

Applying for Home Loan is Made Easier with Rumahsaya BCA

Finding a house and applying for a mortgage (KPR) can now be easily done through the Rumahsaya website as a one-stop solution to realize your dream home. It offers various features, such as selecting properties from multiple developers and property agents, conducting mortgage simulations, and submitting the mortgage process online, as well as tracking the status of mortgage applications.

Let’s explore the following Rumahsaya features to simplify the BCA mortgage application process:

1. Property Listing

The “Listing Properti” is the latest addition to Rumahsaya features that provides access to a wide selection of properties from developers and property agent offices that work with BCA. This feature also includes an “Ask Property” button that allows you to contact the developer or property agent’s office to ask further questions about the property.

2. Check Your Mortgage Capability

The “Cek Kemampuan KPRmu” feature helps in determining the ideal mortgage loan amount based on your financial capabilities. By providing the required information, you will receive the results via email within 1 working day. This information can help you proceed with the mortgage application process with more confidence.

3. Simulation

Before applying for a KPR BCA, you can use the “Simulasi KPR” feature to easily calculate the estimated KPR installments. By entering details such as property price, down payment amount, term, and desired interest rate, you will immediately see the estimated monthly installment results. This will help you better plan your mortgage application. Additionally, there are other simulation options available, such as simulation based on your ability, renovation, refinancing, and interest rate comparison.

4. Online Application

Rumahsaya offers the “Ajukan KPR” feature, allowing you to apply for KPR BCA online at any time and from anywhere. Simply prepare the required documents and complete personal and collateral data to make KPR BCA applications easier and save time.

5. Tracking KPR Application

Once the KPR BCA application has been submitted, you can track the status of your application online through the “Tracking Pengajuan KPR” on Rumahsaya. This makes it possible to monitor the KPR BCA application process directly and transparently.

In addition to the mentioned features, Rumahsaya also provides other features to facilitate KPR applications, such as live chat and KPR consultation. These features can be used to obtain more information from the KPR BCA team. With the various features offered by Rumahsaya, BCA provides a practical and efficient solution to help you realize your dream home or property. Visit the Rumahsaya website by clicking the button below!