10 Jul 2024 | Edukatips

Let’s Use Your Account and QRIS Transactions Wisely

The Financial Services Authority (OJK), together with ministries, related institutions, and the financial industry, is working to combat practices that harm the public and damage the reputation and integrity of the financial system. It’s important to use your account and QRIS facilities wisely. They shouldn’t be used for anything illegal, such as only gambling or money laundering.

The OJK prohibits the use of banking for unlawful activities, such as facilitating online gambling or money laundering. This is based on Law No.8 of 2010 on the Prevention and Eradication of Money Laundering (TPPU) and Law No. 4 of 2023 on Financial Sector Development and Strengthening.

In accordance with the above laws, the OJK has the authority to instruct banks to block accounts identified as being used for illegal activities, including online gambling and money laundering.

As a bank, BCA has the responsibility to recognize the customer’s profile and behaviour in the use of the account. If suspicious movements or transactions are detected, the bank is obligated to report to PPATK (Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center) and take preventive action.

To avoid engaging in unlawful actions, it is important to start using your account and QRIS transactions wisely from now on.