28 May 2024 | Edukatips

BCA Joint Accounts for Personal or Business Purposes

There are instances where financial activities require collaboration with other parties. For example, married couples seeking to consolidate their income or business professionals needing to oversee all financial reports for each business transaction. The BCA Joint Account can be a solution for these needs.

What is a Joint Account?

A joint account is an account owned by more than one individual, business entity, or a combination of both. All parties interested in opening a BCA Joint Account are required to sign the same form and adhere to all relevant provisions.

This service allows all account holders to make transfer transactions and balance inquiries using the same account. Moreover, this joint account can serve as a funding source for daily family expenses, such as bill payments, future savings, investment funds, or business requirements that typically involve multiple parties.

Types of Joint Accounts

BCA offers two types of Joint Accounts. Below is an overview of each type.

1. “And” Joint Account

Transactions for “And” Joint Accounts can be initiated by all parties associated with the account through BCA branches. However, each transaction needs unanimous approval from all parties involved.

2. “Or” Joint Account

“Or” Joint Account gives all parties the freedom to make transactions from various connected devices, including myBCA. One party can make transactions without needing approval from the others.

BCA Accounts Eligible for Joint Account Facility

The following BCA accounts are eligible for the Joint Account facility:

  • Tahapan
  • Tahapan Gold
  • Deposit
  • Giro

How to Open a BCA Joint Account

You can open a BCA Joint Account only at a BCA branch, and all parties involved in the account need to be present to sign the BCA Joint Account opening form.

Steps to open a BCA Joint Account:

  1. All involved parties must visit the BCA branch.
  2. Prepare the necessary documents required for opening a joint account. For adult individual customers, simply bring e-KTP and NPWP (if any).
  3. Select the type of BCA Joint Account.
  4. Fill out the BCA Joint Account opening form, specifying whether it is an individual-individual, entity-individual, or entity-entity joint account.
  5. Make an initial deposit to activate the new account.

These are the types and steps to open a BCA Joint Account. Visit the nearest BCA branch to open an account. Contact Halo BCA 1500888 for more information about BCA Joint Accounts.

If you already have a BCA Joint Account “Or”, you can link the account to myBCA. You can find out how to do it here.