28 May 2024 | Edukatips

How to Register and Tips for myBCA Bisnis Login

The myBCA Bisnis service is designed to assist business customers with all their banking activities, including managing the company’s cash flow. This service can be easily accessed through various internet-connected devices.

Through the myBCA Bisnis service, customers can access a comprehensive overview of all transactions via a single business dashboard. The interface is modern and user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to use. Furthermore, the login process is seamless when using personal devices.

Business customers can perform various transactions simultaneously, saving time. Additionally, customers can access myBCA Bisnis services through mobile devices for convenient transactions anytime, anywhere. Learn more about myBCA Bisnis services for seamless daily transactions.

How to Register for myBCA Bisnis

Customers who wish to use the myBCA Bisnis services and do not have a myBCA Bisnis Corporate ID yet, need to apply and register at the nearest BCA branch and gather the required documents. Upon completion, business customers will receive a Corporate ID, User ID, and KeyBCA, all of which are needed to log in and perform transactions using myBCA Bisnis.

Any myBCA Bisnis customer who wishes to register, change, delete, or check the status of User ID data can do so through the User Settings menu in sysadmin.

  • Visit mybcabisnis.bca.co.id

  • Enter your Corporate ID

  • Enter your User ID

  • Obtain the number combination via KeyBCA with Appli 1, and input the number combination into the KeyBCA Response field

  • Features in myBCA Bisnis are now accessible

Issues with myBCA Bisnis Login

As a banking digital service, the internet network may be disrupted when attempting to log in. Please double-check your internet connection if you are unable to log in. However, other problems may arise when customers encounter issues logging in to myBCA Bisnis.

One that may arise during myBCA Bisnis login is the blocking of your Corporate ID and User ID. The blocking may occur in several situations, as follows:

  • Failure to correctly enter the KeyBCA Response  3 (three) times in a row when conducting transactions using KeyBCA, resulting in the User ID being blocked.
  • Making an error in entering KeyBCA PIN 3 (three) times in a row and reporting the KeyBCA as damaged or lost, leading to the KeyBCA being blocked.
  • Closure of the myBCA Bisnis facility by the customer, resulting in the Corporate ID being blocked.

To prevent this login issue from occurring, ensure that all data entered is double-checked. If your User ID is blocked or if you have lost your KeyBCA, please contact Halo BCA Bisnis service at 1500998 immediately.