22 May 2024 | Edukatips

Tips for a More Comfortable Long Weekend Holiday

A long weekend holiday is a much-anticipated time to unwind and enjoy quality moments with family or friends. There are many things to prepare, such as travel tickets, hotel accommodations, and holiday budgets. Therefore, myBCA is here to provide the right solutions for your banking needs during the long weekend holiday.

Enhance Your Long Weekend with myBCA and BCA mobile

myBCA is the perfect solution to accompany you during this special moment. With various transaction support features, myBCA and BCA mobile can make various transactions easier and more practical, making holidays smoother and more enjoyable.

Here are some features that can be used during the long weekend holiday:

1. Flazz top-up

If you plan to drive your car or rent one for a holiday or road trip, make sure your Flazz balance is good to go for tolls, parking, and all your driving needs.

You can top up your Flazz through myBCA or BCA mobile by following these steps:

  • Open the myBCA or BCA mobile app, select Flazz
  • Place the Flazz card on the NFC of your phone
  • Click “Top Up
  • Select “Nominal
  • Enter your PIN
  • Place the card again on the NFC of your phone
  • The top-up process is complete!

2. Buy data plans and phone credit

It’s easier to travel anywhere when you have enough phone credit and a data plan. Even for those not traveling during the long weekend holiday, you can stream videos and movies, listen to music, or play games at home. Running out of credit and data plan? Just top up via myBCA or BCA mobile.

Here’s how to do it on myBCA:

  • Log in to myBCA, select Mobile Data or Phone Credit in the Payment & Top Up section
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Select Mobile Data or Phone Credit you wish to buy
  • Complete the payment!

For BCA mobile, you can select the m-Commerce feature and select “Voucher Isi Ulang

3. Cardless transactions

Don’t worry if you forget to bring your cash and wallet while traveling. You can withdraw cash at the nearest BCA ATM without a card using the cardless feature from myBCA or BCA mobile. This feature not only simplifies the cash withdrawal process but also reduces the risk of skimming fraud and the chances of losing or having your card stolen during the long weekend holiday. Here’s how it works:

  • Open the myBCA app or BCA mobile, select Cardless
  • Choose Cash Withdrawal
  • Select Amount
  • Enter your PIN
  • A 6-digit transaction code will be generated
  • Find the nearest ATM BCA, select Transaksi Tanpa Kartu/Cardless Transaction
  • Enter your mobile number and the 6-digit transaction code
  • Your cash withdrawal process is complete!

4. Control transactions conveniently and securely

The potential loss of a debit or credit card during travel can lead to unauthorized use and financial risk. However, BCA offers a straightforward solution for managing transactions and promptly blocking cards through myBCA and BCA mobile. The feature serves to prevent irresponsible parties from using lost cards.

Here are the steps to block a card via myBCA:

  • Open myBCA, Select My Account
  • Select Account Control
  • Select Debit Card or Credit Card
  • Select the card you wish to block
  • Select Block Card

To block a debit card via BCA mobile, access the “Akun Saya” menu and then select “Blokir”. To block a credit card via BCA mobile, access “m-Admin and then choose “Blokir Kartu Kredit. Once a card is blocked, all transactions made with the card will be automatically declined.

Use myBCA and BCA mobile to ensure a secure and comfortable long weekend holiday experience.

If you don’t have myBCA, download the app through the App Store or Play Store!