02 Apr 2024 | Edukatips

Tips for a Comfortable Eid Holiday with myBCA

The Eid holiday is a special time when we feel closer to our loved ones and look forward to spending quality time with them. Eid is not just about returning to your hometown or gathering with family. It also involves ensuring that everything runs smoothly, from homecoming preparations to managing finances.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, myBCA provides solutions for various banking needs to help you make the most of the Eid holidays.

Prepare for the Eid Holiday with myBCA

While the Eid holidays are indeed enjoyable, several things need to be taken care of beforehand. For instance, paying your monthly bills and ensuring you have enough balance for various expenses during your homecoming.

Here are some tips on how to use myBCA to make your holiday preparations easier:

1. Easy Bill Payment

When you’re busy preparing for the Eid holiday, it’s easy to forget about paying your monthly bills. With myBCA, you can pay your bills on the go, such as electricity, water, phone, and other monthly bills. This way, you can focus on spending quality time with your family without worrying about unpaid bills. .

How to pay your bills using myBCA:

  • Log in to myBCA and select the bill you want to pay in the Payment & Top Up section
  • Follow the steps until finish
  • Bill payment done!

2. Sufficient Credit and Data Plan

No need to worry about running out of your data plan or credit while spending quality time online with your family or friends. With myBCA, you can easily top up your data plan or phone credit through the “Bayar & Isi Ulang” feature

In addition, you can enjoy various forms of entertainment such as streaming your favourite movies or series to fill your free time during holidays.

How to buy data plan and phone credit on myBCA:

  • Log in to myBCA and choose either Mobile Data or Phone Credit in the Payment & Top Up section
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Select Plan or Amount you want to purchase
  • Complete the payment

3. Make sure you have enough Flazz balance

A key to a smooth homecoming experience is the ease of transactions at various points during your journey. To ensure this, it is essential to check your Flazz balance before leaving via the myBCA app.

Having enough balance will make payments at toll booths, parking lots, and partner merchants more convenient.

How to top up Flazz BCA balance on myBCA:

  • Open the myBCA app and select Flazz
  • Place your Flazz card on the NFC area of your phone
  • Click Top Up
  • Choose Amount Selection
  • Enter your PIN
  • Place the Flazz card back on the NFC area of your phone
  • Top-Up is successful!

4. Easy Access to haloBCA Services

Accessing banking services at any time and from anywhere is essential, especially in unpredictable situations that require immediate communication with the bank. this could be to report a lost card, inquire about account information or ask questions about products and services.

With the haloBCA app, it’s easy to contact BCA customer service instantly without the need for phone credit, as it only requires an internet connection.

How to use the Call feature on haloBCA:

  • Open the haloBCA app and select the Call feature
  • Choose a feature based on your needs
  • If you want to talk to Halo BCA Customer Service right away, click “Ya”.
  • You will be connected to Halo BCA Customer Service

5. Cardless Cash Withdrawal

In case of an emergency that requires cash or when you forget to bring your ATM card, BCA’s cardless feature can be a helpful solution for making cardless cash withdrawals at the nearest ATM BCA.

This feature is not only convenient but also reduces the risk of loss, skimming fraud, or ATM card theft, particularly during the Eid holiday season.

How to make a cardless cash withdrawal via myBCA:

  • Log in to myBCA and select Cardless
  • Select Cash Withdrawal
  • Choose Source of Fund and Amount Selection
  • Double-check the transaction details, if correct, click Continue
  • Enter your PIN for verification
  • A transaction code will appear, which you will need to enter when withdrawing cash at the ATM
  • At the BCA Deposit-Withdrawal ATM, select Cardless Transaction
  • Enter your phone number and the transaction code
  • Transaction is successful.

6. Manage BCA Debit and Credit Card Transactions

To help ease your financial activities during the Eid holiday, you can switch on/off your Debit and Credit Card transactions on myBCA.

This includes Domestic Transactions, International Transactions, Contactless Transactions, Online Debit Transactions (for debit cards), and e-Commerce Transactions (for credit cards).

How to Control Transactions on myBCA:

  • Log in to myBCA, select My Account
  • Select Account Control
  • Select Debit Card or Credit Card
  • Select Transaction Controls or Credit Card Control
  • Set as needed and click Continue
  • Confirm by entering your PIN

Experience more meaningful moments during the holiday season with myBCA, the banking application that’s ready to accompany you anytime, anywhere.

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