01 Apr 2024 | Edukatips

Budgeting Tips to Make Homecoming More Comfortable

Homecoming is an annual event for many Indonesians during Eid. However, this journey back to your hometown can be expensive. That’s why it’s important to set a budget for your homecoming to ensure that you don’t overspend.

The costs of homecoming can vary depending on your destination and the mode of transportation you use. If you use public transport, you’ll need to budget for return tickets and your stay in your hometown. If you use a private vehicle, you’ll need to budget for petrol costs, toll fees, and any other costs that may come up during the trip.

To avoid overspending or underspending, it’s important to make the right financial provisions for your homecoming.

Homecoming Budgeting Tips

Here are some tips on how to budget for your homecoming trip during Eid.

1. Put the funds into a separate account

Eid is more than just homecoming, and many other expenses need to be met during this time, such as preparing Eid dishes and paying zakat. It’s important to keep your homecoming funds separate from other funds, so create a separate account for it. This will prevent it from getting mixed up with other expenses.

2. Set a budget amount

It’s important to establish a budget amount that can be used for the homecoming trip. This will serve as a reference and prevent unplanned expenses that may lead to overspending during homecoming.

3. Set aside THR funds

THR can be an additional fund for homecoming, but it should not be used entirely for this purpose. Keep some of it aside for saving, investing, and building an emergency fund. This way, the THR fund can still help fulfil your daily needs after Eid.

4. Always be prepared for all transactions

It’s important to always be prepared with sufficient funds to make transactions during homecoming. You can easily do this by using the myBCA or BCA mobile application for quick transactions through QRIS scans. Additionally, these apps offer a Cardless feature that allows for cardless cash withdrawals at BCA ATMs when you need cash on the go.

If you’re travelling home using a private vehicle, make sure you have enough Flazz balance. You can top up your Flazz balance through the Flazz feature on myBCA and BCA mobile using mobile phones with the NFC feature.

To avoid overdue bills, make sure all your bills, including electricity, water, and other bills, are paid before you leave for homecoming. You can pay your bills easily through the Pay & Top Up feature on myBCA.

That concludes the preparations you need to make for a more comfortable homecoming. For ease of transactions, download the myBCA and BCA mobile apps on the Play Store and App Store. With thoughtful financial planning, make this year’s homecoming moment more comfortable and unforgettable.