27 Mar 2024 | Edukatips

How to Pay Water Bill via myBCA

Having clean water is a necessity for every household, and it must be available at all times. For easier water bill payments, use the myBCA app and you don’t need to ever stand in line.

You can pay water bills in the “Payment & Top Up” that can be found on the homepage in the myBCA app. This payment can also be made anytime and anywhere to ensure you don’t miss a payment. Find out more about how to pay monthly water bills below.

Due Date of Monthly Water Bill Payment

One important piece of information that all PDAM users need to know is their monthly bill due date. Knowing the due date is necessary to ensure that the bill is paid before the deadline.

Each PDAM region applies different billing dates. However, these dates are usually not too far apart. They are usually between the 20th —25th of each month.

This due date information can be seen on the billing letter sent by post or email. Make sure to mark the due date and make your monthly payments on time.

Late payment will result in penalties that will be accumulated in the next bill. Thus, higher bills will be incurred. Not only that, late payments for three consecutive months will lead to the termination of PDAM services.

How to Pay Water Bill

It is always a good idea to check your water bill before making a payment. You can check your water bill through many channels. All it takes is a PDAM customer number to find out the outstanding bill amount.

Customers can check through the official PDAM website or application. You can also use the myBCA app. In addition to checking the bill, the myBCA app can also be directly used to make water bill payments.

How to Pay Water Bill via myBCA

Bill payments can be made directly by debiting the linked BCA account. Here’s how to pay water bills through the myBCA application.

  1. Log in to myBCA by entering your BCA ID and password
  2. Select the “Payment & Top Up” feature and select “Water
  3. Choose the fund source that will be used to pay the bill
  4. select the PDAM service area and enter the customer number, then select “Continue
  5. confirm the data shown on your mobile phone screen. If it is correct, select “Pay
  6. enter your myBCA PIN to confirm payment
  7. Save the proof of payment

Enjoy the ease of payment and top-ups, download myBCA on Play Store and App Store now.

Besides water bills, myBCA can also be used to buy electricity tokens, phone credits, data plans, and motor vehicle taxes. Find more information about the myBCA app here.