27 Mar 2024 | Edukatips

How to Pay Zakat al-Fitr Online via myBCA App

Paying zakat al-fitr is an obligation for Muslims to welcome Eid. Zakat payments can be made at the zakat collection agency for direct distribution to the rightful recipients. You can also pay zakat al-fitr online via the myBCA app.

Not only is it easier and more practical, but it can also be paid at any time, even on the Eid eve. No need to worry about paying zakat using this method. It is still valid to pay zakat al-fitr online of it is done right.

Terms of Paying Zakat al-Fitr

Not everyone is obliged to pay zakat al-Fitr before Eid. Here are the terms under which a person is obliged to pay zakat al-fitr.

  1. Muslim or those converted to Islam
  2. Free or not a slave/sahaya servant
  3. Financially capable or have sufficient wealth to pay zakat at least for themselves

Benefits of Paying Zakat al-Fitr

Your wealth that is spent on zakat would certainly serve a good purpose. Here are the virtues of paying zakat for a Muslim.

1. Purifying the heart and eliminating vices

The wealth spent on zakat will dispel vices. It will also complement the Ramadan fasting and make you feel better afterwards.

2. Forgiveness of past sins

Zakat also acts as a remission of sins for Muslims. It indirectly helps other people in need to fulfil their needs. This good deed can bring goodness as well as a door to sustenance for Muslims.

How to Pay Zakat al-Fitr on myBCA

You can pay zakat al-fitr through the myBCA app using the Virtual Account feature. Here are the steps zakat al-fitr online from myBCA.

  1. Log in to myBCA
  2. Select the Transfer menu
  3. Select the Virtual Account menu
  4. Enter the Virtual Account number of the zakat agency
  5. select the fund source account
  6. Review the information on the screen
  7. IF it is correct, enter your myBCA PIN to confirm he transaction
  8. The payment of zakat al-fitr is successful and save proof of transaction on your phone

Enjoy the ease of making various transactions and donations simply from the myBCA app. Download the myBCA app on the Play Store and App Store now.