19 Dec 2023 | Edukatips

Thailand Travel Guide, 5 Places to Visit for Solo Traveler

Thailand is one favorite country in Asian for holidays as it offers affordable living cost. Many interesting tourist spots, ranging from cultural tourism, culinary tourism, shopping to beautiful beaches, have attracted a lot of interest in Thailand. If you want to do a solo traveling to refresh your mind, Thailand can be an option on your bucket list. Some of spots below can be a reference, especially if it’s your first time vacation to Thailand.

1. Cultural Tour

Some cultural spots that you might want to explore are Wat Arun, Wat Pho, Wat Phra Kaew, and Royal Grand Palace. The interesting thing is that those destination are located in the same area around Chao Praya River, so you can use a boat to visit the temples.

If you visit these places, don’t forget to dress neatly and politely as the place is still a place of worship for local residents.

2. Enjoying Beautiful Beaches

To reach Phi Phi Island, you need to stop by Phuket first. Although it is far from Bangkok, there are several ways to get to Phuket, namely by plane, train, or bus. In Phuket, Tour and Travel services are avalaible to help you continue the journey to Phi Phi Island. These services include island crossings ticket reservation, arrangement for visiting several destinations, snorkeling activities, and lunch. These services can be purchased through travel application.

3. Culinary spots in Thailand

Some home restaurant in Thailand have received Michelin Stars and worth trying are Here Hai and Jeh O Chula. Here Hai is famous for its crab fried rice namely Insane Crab Fried Rice with cost at 340 Baht per porsion. Here Hai is open from Monday to Sunday at 10 AM to 6 PM. The second in Jeh O Chula. The mainstay menu is Tom Yum and Salmon Spicy Salad. Because of its fame, you need to wait up to 4 hours to get a seat. However, you can avoid the queue by do a reservation through travel application.

4. Shopping for Clothes

Bangkok is famous as shopping paradise for woman because of its affordable price. If you are interested in fashion from various country, you can visit Platinum Mall, Pratunam Market, and MBK Center. MBK Center is a famous mall that you are allowed to bargain prices.

5. Mini European in Thailand Style

If you are looking for a different atmosphere, visit Khao Yai that offers tour to national park, flower garden, and villages with European theme so it is often reffered to as Thailand’s Mini Europe. With entrance fee of 100 Baht per person, you can enjoy cafes and Instagramable places. The way to get to Khao Yai is by renting a vehicle directly from Bangkok to Khao Yai or using Mini Van from Bangkok to Pak Chong and continue renting a vehicle to Khao Yai.

Some tips you need to know when doing solo traveling in Thailand are:

1. Prepare Cash

Many places in Bangkok only accept cash payments, especially at night markets and restaurants. So it is important to to have cash ready before the trip begins.

2. Confirm departure time

If the departure time is from August to November, prepare an umbrella as there is a lot of rain in those months.

3. Buy travel insurance when booking a plane ticket to minimize travel risk that may occur.

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