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How to Pay BCA Corporate Credit Card Bills at Once at KlikBCA Bisnis

Processing credit card bill payments has become a routine part of business activities. However, this process often requires a lot of time and resources if done manually.

Once in a while it might be okay to pay credit card bills one by one manually, but what if there are more and more payments to be made because the business is growing? Or do you happen to be a business owner, entrepreneur, or MSME operator who has a busy schedule?

No need to make it difficult. BCA already has the solution! Especially for all of you who often use BCA Corporate Credit Cards to meet various company needs.

The reason is, now you can pay many BCA Corporate Credit Card bills at once (bulk payment) via KlikBCA Bisnis. Curious to know how?

Register the Company Code at KlikBCA Bisnis

In order to be able to pay for multiple BCA Corporate Credit Cards at once at KlikBCA Bisnis, you need to register the company code first. It's easy, just check below.

  1. Access KlikBCA Bisnis with the url: vpn.klikbca.com and login with CorporateIDUserID (without spaces) and password (KeyBCA Appli 1)
  2. Login to KlikBCA Bisnis using CorporateID, User ID, and KeyBCA Response
  3. Select the Pembayaran Tagihan, then Daftar Pembayaran Tagihan
  4. Click Tambah then complete the Payment List Information by selecting Jenis (Credit Card) and Institusi (BCA) then click Continue
  5. Select Tipe Registrasi using the Company Code and input the Company Code then complete the data
  6. Check the registration details again. If all set, then click Kirim
  7. A red message will appear saying Daftar Pembayaran Berhasil Ditambahkan which means registration was successful

After the company code is registered, here's how to pay BCA Corporate Credit Card bills in bulk at KlikBCA Bisnis.

How to Pay BCA Corporate Credit Card Bills in Bulk at KlikBCA Bisnis

  1. Select Pembayaran Tagihan menu then select Buat Pembayaran Tagihan then Pembayaran Tagihan.
  2. Complete the payment information by selecting Payment for the Corporate Credit Card you wish to pay
  3. Select the Jenis Pembayaran for “Sekarang” or “Pada Tanggal” then click Lanjut
  4. Select the bills you want to pay for a maximum of 10 bills in one transaction
  5. Write the nominal payment on each bill and select Rekening Sumber Dana then click Lanjut
  6. Check the data you have entered again, if it is correct, click Kirim
  7. After that, a red information will appear saying Input Data Berhasil
  8. Go to the Otorisasi Transaksi menu then select the list of bills you want to pay at once
  9. Click the Setuju button to continue the bill payment transaction

Download the Guide to Use the Bill Payment Feature on KlikBCA Bisnis

Those are the ways to pay multiple BCA Corporate Credit Card bills at once via KlikBCA Business. Practical, right?

The more developed and larger the business is, the busier the financial activities, including the obligation to pay company credit card bills. Therefore, features are needed that can facilitate bill payment transactions, such as the bulk payment feature in KlikBCA Bisnis.

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