14 Jul 2023 | Edukatips

Tips for Budgeting to Attend Music Concerts

Lately, there have been many concerts and music festivals taking place. For most people, this is a golden opportunity to reconnect with their musical soul and enjoy the excitement. 

However, the abundance of music events often worried enthusiasts due to limited savings. Moreover, concert tickets are usually priced at a high cost, so a special strategy is needed to be able to buy concert tickets without disrupting financial flow.

Here are five tips for consistent saving to attend concerts:

1. Financial Planning

Start by planning your finances. Make a breakdown of expenses that will be used for attending the concert, including the ticket cost, accommodation, food, and merchandise. After detailing and totaling these expenses, set goals, timeframes, and a savings scheme until you are ready to purchase the concert ticket.

Ensure that each savings goal is achieved within the set timeframe. For example, if the monthly savings goal is Rp100.000, make sure to meet this goal within the savings period.

2. Create a Separate Savings Account

Saving concert funds in the same account as your regular expenses is risky. People often unintentionally use the set-aside funds for other purposes. To prevent this, create a separate savings account dedicated solely to the concert. There are many options, such as opening an additional account specifically for savings, such as Tahaka (Fixed Tenor) to save regularly within a specific time period.

3. Hunt for Presale Tickets

To save on costs, purchase presale concert tickets. These tickets are usually cheaper than the regular ticket prices. Don't miss the opportunity to buy presale concert tickets!

4. Utilize Credit Card & Promotions

In addition to hunting for presale tickets, take advantage of credit card promotions. Some credit cards offer attractive discounts and benefits. Stay updated on ongoing credit card promotions so you don't miss out. Additionally, make use of the installment programs offered by BCA credit cards. You can convert your bill into installments to ease the financial burden and maintain monthly cash flow.

These saving tips are easy to practice as long as you remain disciplined and consistent in implementing them. Stay motivated to save and enjoy watching your dream concert, GoodFriends!