20 Aug 2021 | Edukatips

Want To Trade Foreign Exchange? Get To Know These 3 (Three) Exchange Rate Service Types From BCA!

Rupiah’s currency rate changes over time. But, when faced with foreign currency, that rate must be changed. In foreign exchange trading, one currency rate’s change to another is called the exchange rate.

If you plan to go overseas, buy things, do business with foreign partners, plan to study abroad or invest in foreign exchange, being up to date on the movement of foreign exchange is a must. Because every transaction needs foreign exchange adjustments.

Luckily, BCA has 3 (three) exchange rate services you can use. Check this out to know them!

e-Rate Exchange

When you are about to trade foreign exchange, you would always need an updated and real-time exchange rate, considering that foreign currencies can change quickly over time.

BCA’s e-Rate exchange is here for all BCA e-channel users, such as KlikBCA Bisnis, KlikBCA, BCA mobile, and ATM BCA. Today, there are 16 primary foreign currencies with real-time updates in e-Rate BCA to ensure your comfort in transactions.

TT Counter

TT Counter is a foreign exchange service done directly at the bank counter. If you want to do a foreign exchange trading above the equivalent of US$25.000/month, provide supporting transaction documents, such as invoices, credit agreements, and others.

Among BCA’s TT Counter benefits are its word-class networks, premium services, and updates for 16 primary foreign currencies.

Bank Notes

Bank Notes serve foreign exchange trade in a form of cash. Among its benefits are premium services, a guarantee of money authenticity compared to non-bank transactions, and the options for 20 primary currencies.  

To do Bank Notes transactions above the equivalence of US$25.000, you would need supporting documents such as invoices, credit agreements, and other relevant documents.

When we know “the rules of the game” and services, foreign exchange trade is nothing complex. The three foreign exchange services above will assist you. Share this helpful information with your friends and families, Goodfriends.