29 Jun 2021 | Edukatips

Change Your Credit Cards Transactions Into Installments on BCA Mobile!

Transactions using credit cards have their own benefits. You can use some offers, like discounts, cashback, and promo bundlings for certain products, and all of the payments can be turned into installments.


Change into Credit Card Installments Feature on BCA mobile

By using the Credit Card Installment feature, you can purchase products/services through installments so your payment will feel much lighter.

The installment feature allows you to allocate money for other needs or to invest.

The good news is you can now request to turn your BCA Credit Card transactions into installments via BCA mobile. Before you do that, make sure your minimum transaction is Rp500.000 and you have done the BCA mobile financial activation. 

Easy Steps to Change Into Installments.

  1. Type in the BCA mobile access code, choose the m-info menu and choose Transaksi and Tagihan
  2. Insert the PIN then choose Credit Card to see a list of transactions and invoices
  3. On the BCA mobile screen, you will see all of your BCA credit card transactions
  4. Check transactions with a minimum amount of Rp500.000 that you can choose to change into installments
  5. Choose transactions you want to change into installments, then click Ubah ke Cicilan
  6. Choose the Cicilan period
  7. Recheck the installment details you requested. If all is already good, click the agreement tick box to confirm the installment and click “Ubah ke Cicilan”
  8. Insert the m-BCA PIN once more, and your request of change into installment is submitted


Easy Ways to Check Your Request Status.

Below are some request statuses you must know to track your submitted request:

  • Ubah Ke Cicilan means transaction/invoice is eligible to turn into installments (all transactions with a minimum amount of Rp500.000)
  • Cicilan Diajukan means your request is being processed
  • Cicilan Disetujui means your request has been approved (to be installments)

Use the benefits BCA mobile offers to change BCA Credit Card transactions/invoices into installments.

If you need more information on BCA services, call Halo BCA at 1500888 or Chat Bank BCA at 08111500998.

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