15 Feb 2021 | Edukatips

KlikBCA Mobile Full Site

Have you ever felt confused about the limited KlikBCA features and menus on your smartphone? You can just click the “Full Site” button on the bottom right corner.

The “Full Site” button will redirect you to the full version of KlikBCA, with the same appearance as when you access it through a browser using a PC or laptop. The features and menus are complete, such as:

To open Tahapan Berjangka BCA, click “Pembukaan Rekening” and select “Tahapan Berjangka”

To view BCA Credit Card transaction information, click “Kartu Kredit”

To check e-Statement from 2016, click “e-Statement”

To activate, add, or remove KeyBCA, click “Administrasi”

For Loan information, click “Informasi Kredit Konsumer”

You do not need to be confused anymore! Click the “Full Site” button and get all KlikBCA features on your smartphone.