29 Apr 2021 | Edukatips

Educational Tips for BCA Merchants/Business Partners

Hello BCA Business Partners,

To support your business, BCA always provides various solutions, including those related to payment transactions. Below are several tips about the latest payment solutions for your business.


1. Payment Link

Payment Link is a new facility from BCA to make it easier to create a secure e-commerce payment link without having to change the merchant’s website. With Payment Link, merchants can process e-commerce payments via EMAIL .

Payment Link Benefits

  1. Online real-time transactions.
  2. Accept payments from various fund sources (BCA Card, VISA, Mastercard, JCB, AMEX).
  3. Secure transactions with OTP and 3D Secure.
  4. Use link sent via email, no website necessary.
  5. Customers can easily make payments because it only requires one click to be directed to the payment page.

How to Process Payment Link Transactions

  1. Merchants will receive orders from customers.
  2. Verification:
    1. Confirm the availability of products/services being sold
    2. Confirm the price
    3. Confirm unique order code 
    4. Log in to the website using user id and password provided by BCA 
  3. Create a payment link, enter order code information, price, product description, and others on the provided column.
  4. Copy the URL.
  5. Send order confirmation email and payment link to customers.
  6. Customers make payments using the link.
  7. Customers receive an OTP and enter the OTP on the payment page.
  8. Check payment status on BCA e-Commerce Payment Gateway website.


Check the tutorial video here




QR Indonesia Standar (QRIS) is a QR code issued by BCA and other financial institutions using a standard from Bank Indonesia (BI). Benefits: increase sales from millions of users of BCA mobile, Sakuku and QR-based payment apps (Gopay, Dana, OVO, Shopee, etc.). Currently, there are 2 types of QRIS: Static QRIS and Dynamic QRIS.

Static QRIS

  • Static QRIS is QRIS in the form of Stickers or Tent Cards provided at cashiers.
  • QRIS can accept payment from SAKUKU, BCA mobile, and other payment apps in Indonesia such as OVO, GO-PAY, DANA, Link Aja, CIMB, etc.
  • Merchants will be provided with QR Merchant Service BCA facility.
  • QR Merchant Service is a static QRIS management application provided by BCA to business partners to access all transactions that use QR Code.


Benefits :

  • Immediate access from smartphone
  • Instant transaction notification during payment
  • Static QRIS can be downloaded and printed as necessary
  • Merchants can show their QRIS to the customers
  • Merchants can manage Users for Employees


How to access QR Merchant Service: click https://qr.klikbca.com

To register, contact merchant solution BCA at 1500788

Tutorial to Receive Payment using Static QRIS

  1. Ask Customers to scan QRIS with Sakuku or BCA mobile.
  2. You can also scan from other applications (OVO, Shopee pay funds, etc.).
  3. Check the transaction status through the BCA QR Merchant Service website.
  4. Access BCA's QR Merchant Service site: qr.klikbca.com
  5. Realtime notifications will enter every successful transaction.
  6. Transaction reports can be viewed in detail per day

Dynamic QRIS

  • Dynamic QR is a quick response code printed using BCA EDC during a transaction.
  • Customers do not need to input the payment amount.
  • The payment amount will appear automatically when customers scan the QR code

Tutorial to Receive Payment using Dynamic QRIS

  • Press Enter, select QR, and press payment
  • Enter the amount and press Enter
  • The BCA EDC will print a QR code
  • Ask the customer to scan the QR code on a preferred payment application
  • Press Enter

Video of QRIS and QR Merchant Service

Getting to Know QRIS (for business partners)



3. Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) is a feature from BCA EDC making it possible for Visa or MasterCard cardholders from overseas to make transactions using a BCA EDC machine in their home currencies. Currently, there are 20 currencies supported: CAD, JPN, NZD, USD, SGD, AUS, AUD, GBP, MYR, KRW, HKD, CHF, RUB, THB, SAR, TWD, INR, NOK, BRL, EUR.

Benefits of DCC for Merchants

  1. Increase revenue:
    • Attract new customers from overseas
    • Increase loyal customers or returning customers
  2. Better customer services:
    • DCC receipt allows a more certain financial recording
    • You can confirm the price on EDC and avoid rejection to pay
    • Personalized customer services

Tutorial on How to Receive Payment using DCC

  • Swipe the credit card on the EDC machine
  • Input the transaction amount
  • Show the FX Quote sheet and offer cardholders to choose a preferred currency
  • Press the chosen currency
  • Ask cardholder to sign the payment receipt


Check the video tutorial here: