17 Dec 2020 | Edukatips

#BanggaLokal Using Local Products is Cool!

Did you know why using local products is cool? This is why:

#1 Pride and supporting the local economy

Buying local products seems like a small thing, but it has a big impact! We contribute to supporting local producers and craftsmen, especially small and medium enterprises.

Buying local products also automatically supports the national economy, including increasing state revenue. How cool is that?

#2 High quality and have character

The quality of local products is not inferior to imported products. In fact, local products may be superior because they were made with the characters, tastes, climate conditions, and cultures of Indonesia.

Indonesia is rich in locally-made products. Therefore, we must be proud of our local products.

#3 Affordable prices

Cheap does not necessarily mean bad. Everyone knows and agrees to this. Besides the quality to compete with imported products, the price of local products is relatively lower than imported products.

#4 Create new job opportunities

Every product is manufactured by involving many parties, starting from producers, raw material suppliers, packaging manufacturers, marketing, and distributions, to retail sellers/online shops that sell the products. Can you imagine how many job opportunities are being created?

By buying local products, it means we contribute to creating new job opportunities in Indonesia.

BCA presents #BanggaLokal

BCA presents #BanggaLokal as a form of commitment to supporting Indonesia’s small and medium enterprises (UMKM), starting from coaching to promotional media series.

BCA also supports by facilitating payment transactions with various payment solution options, such as BCA Credit Card, BCA Debit, QRIS (BCA mobile QR feature), OneKlik, and BCA Virtual Account.

More than 150 famous local brands have joined #BanggaLokal BCA. Here are 4 (empat) our local pride product categories:

  1. Health and beauty
  2. Food and beverages
  3. Fashion
  4. Hobby

To see what brands have participated, and check out existing promos, visit www.bca.id/banggalokal

Let’s become local pride together!