18 Aug 2020 | Edukatips

How to Make Things Simple in This Era

Are you ready to face the new normal? We have to adapt to some things in doing our activities in this new normal era, from using a mask when doing activities outside, washing our hands, maintaining a safe distance, and so on. Everything must be done by following the rules and health protocols. Amidst all these, can we make transactions simpler? BCA has the answer to make your life simpler in this new era.

  1. Make Your Shopping Matters #DibikinSimpel

BCA mobile

Doing daily groceries, and buying things at the mall/department store, for you who have to get out of your home, you still must pay attention to the health protocols.

For transactions and paying for things, you can use cashless payment. Everything is simpler with QR feature from BCA mobile at merchants with QRIS sign.

  1. #DibikinSimpel When You Don’t Carry Your Wallet

BCA mobile

Have you ever been in a situation where you left your wallet at home and you must make a transaction using cash? Relax, now there is a cardless feature from BCA. You can just open your BCA mobile app and select m-BCA menu and continue to the Cardless menu. Come to an ATM BCA and withdraw your money! So, it is still possible to withdraw money even if you forget your wallet and card.

  1. #DibikinSimpel for Online Shopping

BCA mobile

Do you want to shop but your mobility is limited? Can it be made simpler? Of course, it can, because you can use Debit BCA Mastercard to shop online from your home, easy right? Don’t forget, you have to activate it first on your BCA mobile before using Debit BCA Mastercard to pay for your online shopping.

  1. #DibikinSimpel for Opening a Savings Account Without Visiting a Branch Office

BCA mobile

Is it possible to open a savings account from anywhere you are? Amid the limitations in this era, you can now open a savings account from anywhere as long as you have an electronic identity card or e-KTP. You just have to download BCA mobile, click “Buka Rekening Baru” and follow the instructions.

With BCA, all of your financial transactions are made simpler and easier. Only by using your smartphone, you can use BCA mobile features.

Download and use the BCA mobile app to enjoy the convenience. 

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