11 Sep 2019 | Edukatips

Simple BPJS Payment Via BCA mobile #DibikinSimpel

Have you ever forgotten to pay JKN KIS BPJS Kesehatan subscription? When you have no time to visit branches or ATMs and are too tired to open the laptop.

Good news to you, mobile people. If previously the JKN KIS BPJS Kesehatan can be paid via ATM, KlikBCA, KlikBCA Bisnis, Autodebet Rekening, Autopay and myBCA, and now, the JKN KIS BPJS Kesehatan payment can also be done via BCA mobile.

Also, pay attention! Starting 16 September 2010, the payment number of JKN KIS BPJS Kesehatan has changed to 16 digits:

8888801370576564 (88888 plus 11 last digits of participant’s card)

Let’s #DibikinSimpel! Pay BPJS via BCA mobile, here’s how:

  1. Select “m-Payment” menu
  2. Select “BPJS”
  3. Select BPJS KESEHATAN then Click “Input No. Bayar”
  4. Enter the payment number of JKN KIS BPJS Kesehatan and click “OK”
  5. Click “Send”
  6. Make sure the invoice is correct, the click “OK”
  7. Enter PIN m-BCA
  8. Payment is successful. You will receive the payment confirmation

Super easy! Paying JKN KIS BPJS subscription is just one click away.