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BCA Promotion Program

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BCA Promotion Program

BCA Promotion Program is the appropriate means of advertising for all BCA merchants. Supported by BCA platforms and channels, merchants will have a greater opportunity to reach potential customers. The stronger the brand awareness, the bigger the business.

Terms and Conditions of the BCA Promotion Program

  • Merchants are using EDC BCA as a facility of payment for BCA credit cards, debit cards, QRIS payments, and Flazz BCA.
  • Merchants offer special benefits for BCA customers, such as direct discounts, special offers, free gifts, etc.
  • Rebates, discounts, or cash back fees are fully borne by the merchant.
  • The cooperation period shall run for at least 6 months
  • BCA will provide a valuable counter-performance in the form of media, where the value will be adjusted to the benefits provided to BCA cardholders.
  • To learn about BCA promotion programs, please click this link

Steps to Apply for BCA Promotion Program

  • Merchants prepare Special Benefits for every transaction using the BCA payment feature (BCA credit cards, debit cards, QRIS, & Flazz BCA transactions)
  • BCA will run the curation and confirmation processes via email or phone number provided on the registration form.
  • Fill out the Application Form for BCA Promotion Program here


  1. BCA has the right to accept and reject any application for cooperation from merchants based on its discretion and applicable terms and conditions.
  2. The use of media platforms for the BCA Promotion Program will be adjusted to the existing terms and conditions.

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