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Payroll Service for paying employee salaries by crediting money directly to the employee's account at a specified time.



Salary payments can be made easily through KlikBCA Bisnis

Salary payments can be made 7x24 hours, even on holidays

Security and payroll data confidentiality very well preserved

Need to know

  • Transactions follow calendar days and can be made on holidays.
  • Upload time and the last release to do one calendar day prior to the effective date.
  • Customers can choose an operational account as a source of transaction funds with the types of Giro, Tapres, and Tahapan Gold.
  • Payroll givers and recipients will get an email notification of Payroll transactions sent or received.
  • Customers can download proof of transactions to be given to employees as proof of salary payments

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Business Solution Program

The Business Solution Program (BSP), is a special program for BCA business customers like you.

Enjoy the many special benefits for your business and employees by using BCA Payroll solution.

The program period lasts until December 2022.

BSP Special Benefits

Benefits for Company

  • Free BCA Visa Corporate fee
  • Free BCA Fleet Card fee
  • Free BDC Petty Cash Card/Deposit Card fee
  • Free API BCA fee


Added Value Service

  • CATAPA, is an AI-based digital payroll and HR management solution that helps companies 15x faster and more efficiently.
  • Halodoc, is an application that provides complete and reliable health solutions to meet the health needs of employees.

Additional Benefits for Borrowers

Special incentives for borrowers (upon request)


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