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Access to banking transactions and information directly from your platform to grow your business.

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Ensuring your business process automation to make your operational cost more efficient.

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API BCA Integration is getting easier and faster because using standardized technical integration method.


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BCA’s API is part of BCA’s services to provide easiness on running the instruction of financial transactions, such as : Account saving checking, checking of account mutation, transfer and etc, directly from your (platform/application/website)

Important Information

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Product and Service Information Summary of API BCA

Feature of API BCA

Regardless line of business you’re into now, we provide you with features that align to your business objectives. Please refer to the below list as follow:

Balance Information
Provides balance information, to make plan of financial transactions planning become easier and more convenient.
Account Statement
Provides the latest information regarding cashflow of BCA accounts.
Provides a practical and safer transfer facility between BCA accounts. Transferring money has never been easier.

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