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Working capital loan for convenience of your business goal

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Various Product Choices

Selection of products and solutions for your business needs

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Various financing alternatives for your business needs
Can Be Paid in Installments
Option to repay the loan with installments
Business Model
Accomodating various types of business
Easy loan application

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Get Financing in Convenient Way
BCA Working Capital Loans is a service to expand your business conveniently
Kredit Lokal
Flexible business loan. Withdraw dan repay anytime through checking account.
Loan Installment
Business loan with intallment repayment.
Time Loan
Business loan based on projects or season. Withdraw and repay anytime through instruction letter.
Export Credit
Business loan for purchasing, production and preparation for export.

Need to know

Terms & Conditions

Individual Business Entity

  1. Law Competent Law
  2. Indonesian Citizenship
  3. Status Not in bankruptcy or in the process of bankruptcy disputes

Business Entities

  1. Articles of Association In accordance with the articles of association and legal provisions
  2. Fees charged Provision Fees / Commission Fees
  3. Status Not in bankruptcy or in the process of bankruptcy disputes

Personal Document Requirements

Prospective Debtor Profile Documents

  1. Photocopy of KTP
  2. Photocopy of NPWP **)
  3. Photocopy of Family Compilation Card
  4. Photocopy of Couple ID
  5. Photocopy of Marriage Certificate
  6. Photocopy of Divorce / Death Certificate **)
  7. Photocopy of ID Card of the Board of Directors and Commissioners
  8. Photocopy of KTP of Shareholders

Collateral Document Requirements

Property Collateral Documents

  1. Photocopy of Certificate
  2. Photocopy of KTP & NPWP of the Collateral Owner (If Collateral is in the Name of Another Person)
  3. Photocopy of IMB
  4. Photocopy of the latest UN bill
  5. Photocopy of the latest proof of UN payment

Deposit Collateral Documents
Photocopy of deposit slip

Financial Documents

  1. Photocopy of Audited Financial Statements *)
  2. Photocopy of Internal Financial Statement *)
  3. Photocopy of Other Bank Accounts (last 4 months)

*) Required if available
**) Optional for business entities 

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