Payment Link

Easy way to create link payment

Why Payment Link?

Online & Realtime

Direct occur and receive transaction at the same time

Various source of funds

Various source of funds for payment such as BCA Card, VISA, Mastercard, JCB, AMEX


Securing every transaction equipped with OTP and 3D Secure

Payment Link

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Payment Link

Simple, secure and convenient payment feature that enables to collect payment from customer without meet face to face


Using media link send via email, Whatsapp, SMS etc, there’s no necessary use of website
Convenient purchasing just one click and directly to payment page
Redeem Reward
Up to 100% BCA reward redemption exclusively for BCA Credit Card user
Installment feature
Installment period up to 36 months and 0% installment with BCA merchant partners exclusively for BCA Credit Card user
Dynamic Currency Conversion
Special feature for Visa/Mastercard card user, available for 20 foreign currencies

Important Information

Payment link flow

  • Receiving order from customer
  • Product verification (stock availability, price, code, etc)
  • Create entry payment link to merchant
  • Order confirmation and send the link to customer
  • Customer click the link and make the purchase
  • Customer will get OTP code as payment authenticator
  • After customer has paid, check the payment through BCA e-commerce Payment Gateway website

Process of making Payment Link

  • Login into Portal BCA Payment Getaway
  • Choose “Payment Link” and fill the order data
  • Then click “Create Payment Link”
  • Copy the provided Payment Link and send the link to customer


  • Merchant unnecessarily own a website, the transaction is available through email, WhatsApp, SMS or any digital communication media
  • Merchant can access Merchant Portal to check real time transaction, download report or propose CMR (Customize Merchant Report) for daily report
  • Make sure the URL is correct (tail end URL is payment code which different in each payment link)

Fee and Limits

Transaction fee

There’s only charged of MDR fee without integration fee or fee per transaction

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