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SBI is securities in Rupiah currency that published by Bank of Indonesia as debt acknowledgement, short time period at least 1 month and maximum 12 months


Rupiah investment alternative
Interesting interest rate
Free of risk failure payment, guaranteed by Bank of Indonesia
Beyond maximum amount of LPS guaranty

Important Information

Terms and Conditions:

  • Minimum purchase of 1 Billion IDR in multiples of 100 million IDR
  • Tenor of 1 (one) month minimum and 12 (twelve) months maximum
  • Sellable before maturity, with 7 days holding period
  • Transaction is based on a discounting system
  • Subject to 20% final tax


  • The SBI/SBBI Valas can be purchased or sold by Individual/Corporate Customers*
  • Having an IDR/USD account and opening an account at a Custodian
  • * Currently only available to individual BCA Solitaire and Priority customers, with a recommendation from at least a Branch Operations Head (KOC)

    ** Only the SBI already owned by BCA will be offered for sale to customers

    Fee and Limit

    Customer Buy/Sell

    Rp25.000 per transaction

    Shifting Sub Registry


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