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Inward Remittance

Faster, easier, and safer foreign exchange transfers

Why Inward Remittance?


Same day arrival of funds

Secure & Trusted

Designed with stability and accuracy to minimize the risk of loss

Competitive Fees and Rates

Competitive fees and rates for the convenience of yout transaction

Inward Remittance

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Money transfer in foreign currencies / Rupiah from overseas bank, or money transfer in foreign currencies from domestic bank

Required Information for Receiving Remittance Transaction to BCA Account:

  • BCA 10 digit account number
  • Beneficiary name (in accordance with the registered BCA account name)
  • Purpose of transaction
  • For export payments transaction, please provide SiMoDIS format: 1011//InvoiceNumber(PaidAmountOfInvoice)

Required Information for Encashment:

  • Completing Encashment form
  • Valid PIN Number and ID Card
  • IDR 10,000 stamp fee

For further information of encashment, please click FIRE Cash

Important Information


  • Inward remittance transaction from sanctioned countries listed by the authorized institution may not be processed.

Fees & Charge, Limit, and Interest Rate

To accommodate its customer’s needs, BCA provides competitive limits and fees for each product and service. View the limits and fees for Transfer of Funds.




Remittance in Foreign Currency
- Credit to BCA Foreign Currency Accounts USD 5 (eq.)
- Credit to BCA Rupiah Accounts USD 5 (eq.)
- Cash disbursement in Rupiah USD 10 (eq.)
Inward Remittance in Rupiah
- Credit to BCA accounts IDR   35.000
- Cash disbursement in Rupiah IDR 150.000
Demand Draft
- Credit to BCA accounts IDR 150.000
- Cash disbursement in Rupiah IDR 150.000
- Transfer to other bank in IDR IDR 150.000
- Transfer to other bank in foreign currency IDR 150.000




Investigation requested within 3 months after transaction date *) IDR 150.000 (eq.)
Investigation requested within more than 3 months after transaction date *) IDR 500.000 (eq.)
Inward Remittance in Foreign Currency *) USD 20 (eq.)
Inward Remittance in IDR *) IDR 50.000
SiMoDIS Information Adjustment (MT 199 Koreksi dan Modul Bank) IDR 50.000
*) OR transactions include inquiry, amendment, cancellation, and MT103 request, meanwhile IR transaction includes MT103 request
**) Including inquiry, amendment, rejection, and cancellation

Effective as of 16 February 2021

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