Payment and Purchase

Making it Easy to Accept Payments and Purchases

Why Payment and Purchase?


Information on business transactions is obtained in realtime

Extensive Transaction Network

Payment and Purchase covers an extensive transaction network including ATM BCA, KlikBCA, m-BCA, myBCA, etc.

Text File Report

Transaction reports and data are provided in Text File that makes documentation easier

Payment and Purchase

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Payment and Purchase

Designed to facilitate the process of receiving payments and purchase.

Other Benefits

Less monthly administration work and higher cost efficiency
Confirm the product and customer name in every transaction
Identify customer transfers easily and quickly
Brand Awareness
Increase customers’ brand awareness of the product

Important Information

Requirements and Procedures

  • Corporate Customers.
  • Own a BCA Giro account for transaction settlement purposes.
  • Requires the receipt of Payment & Purchase from the Facility Recipient Customer.
  • Establish a Cooperation Agreement between the Facility Recipient and BCA about the acceptance of Payments & Purchases.
  • Arrange for integration with the BCA system followed by network configuration, testing, and implementation.
  • Facility Recipient must provide a support system to ensure the continuity of Payment & Purchase transactions

Additional Information

  • Should there be no Payment & Purchase transactions for 6 consecutive months, BCA has the right to terminate the provision of Payment & Purchase Services.
  • Taxes arising in connection with the provision of Payment & Purchase services are the responsibility of the respective parties as stipulated by the prevailing taxation regulations in Indonesia.
  • The Facility Recipient is required to explain how to make transactions to the Customer.
  • Customers who make transactions will get proof of transactions.
  • BCA will credit the transaction to the settlement account.
  • Transaction reports can be downloaded and provided to the Facility Recipient through KlikBCA Bisnis and/or accessed by the Facility Recipient at facilities provided by BCA as agreed between BCA and the Facility Recipient. The Facility Recipient is required to establish a reconciliation system to match the data contained in the transaction report with the data held by the Facility Recipient.
  • Other information on fees, benefits, and risks can be accessed through BCA’s official website 


  • The Bank may reject the applications for the Facility Recipient if they do not fulfil the applicable terms and conditions.
  • The Facility Recipient shall ensure the correctness and accuracy of the Customer data before sending it to BCA. All consequences arising in connection with errors in Customer Data obtained by BCA from the Facility Recipient including but not limited to errors in payment numbers as well as the value and description of Customer obligations, shall be the sole responsibility of the Facility Recipient. The Facility Recipient hereby releases BCA from all claims, lawsuits, and/or other legal actions from any party.


All problems or errors related to transactions, including but not limited to errors in writing the name and/or payment number and transaction nominal against the liability amount that should be paid by the Customer to the Facility Recipient, will be resolved by the Customer directly with the Facility Recipient without involving BCA.

Fees and Limits

Payment & Purchase fees for products through BCA channels charged to the Facility Recipient, including product development fees, successful transaction fees, host-to-host fees, or IT Gateway fees, depending on the agreement between BCA and the Facility Recipient.

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