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Obligasi ST008

Why ST008 at BCA?

Safe & Secure

ST008 return & nominal Payments is guaranteed by the SBSN Law & APBN Law

Ease of Transaction

Purchase transactions and applications for Early Redemption can be done with Welma App or KlikBCA Individual


Order ST008 starting from IDR 1 mio


Get to know the product


Sovereign Sharia Securities/Surat Berharga Syariah Negara (SBSN) are bonds issud by state based on Sharia principles, as the evidence of part equity to assets SBSN, either in Rupiah and foreign currencies.

Savings Sukuk/Sukuk Tabungan (ST) are SBSN which are investment savings for individual Indoenesia Citizens offered in Rupiah currency through Distribution Partners which are issued scriptless, non-tradable and non-transferable


Competitive Return
At the time of issuance in the Primary Market, the ST008 Return offered is higher rate than the average interest rate of BUMN bank deposits.
No Maximum Return Limit
Floating Return with guaranteed minimum Return rate (floor) until maturity. ST008 return are paid monthly
Participate in National Development
Opportunity to participate in supporting national development financing.
Complying to Sharia Principles
Investors get access to activities in the financial market in ways and methods that do not conflict with sharia principles


Default Risk
Is a risk where the investor can’t get the payment of funds promised by the issuer when the investment product matures. ST008 return & nominal Payments is guaranteed by the SBSN Law & APBN Law
Market Risk
In the form of the risk of changes in the rate of return in the market (reference rate) that has the potential to harm investors. The minimum return rate (floor) of ST008 is guaranteed at bond the issuance
Liquidity Risk
It is difficult to sell ST008 before maturity if investors need cash. However, ST008 can be withdrawn before maturity by using the Early Redemption facility

Information Brochures & Memos

ST008 Brochure
View the information about ST008 in this brochure
Information Memorandum ST008
View the ST008 information memorandum here