Why Buy SBR010 at BCA?


Payments on principal and yields are guaranteed by the Government


Online Purchase via Welma or KlikBCA Individu


SBR010 subscription starts from Rp1 million



Government Bonds sold to Indonesian Individuals through a Distribution Partner on the domestic Primary Market that cannot be traded on the Secondary Market.


Competitive Coupon
At the time of issuance, the coupon rate is higher than the average interest rate of deposit issued by State-Owned Banks.
Floating with Floor
Floating coupon with guaranteed floor until maturity.


Default Risk
Funds available in the State are guaranteed by the law
Interest Rate Risk
Guaranteed minimum coupon rate (floating with floor)
Liquidity Risk
Cannot be traded at any time (except during the Early Redemption period)

Information Brochures & Memos

SBR010 brochure
See information about SBR010 in the brochure
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SBR010 Memorandum
See SBR010 memorandum here
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