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Government Bonds

Securities issued by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia consisting of Government Debt Securities (SUN) and Government Sharia Securities (SBSN), both in Rupiah and foreign currencies, whose interest and principal payments are guaranteed by the Republic of Indonesia.


Capital Gain
Obtain capital gains for bonds sold at higher price than purchase price after taking transaction fees at Secondary Market into consideration.
Free Yield/Coupon Transfer
Enjoy free transfer fee for SBR, ST, ORI, SR, FR, PBS, INDON, INDOIS
Can Be Used as Collateral
For Prioritas and Solitaire customers, ORI & SR can be used as collateral for Local Loan, Time Loan Revolving, Instalment Loan, and Personal Loan
National Participation
Individuals and communities have the opportunity to support the financing for national development.

Types of Bonds

Government Securities (SUN)

Security in the form of debt instruments denominated in Rupiah as well as foreign currencies which payment of interests and principal are guaranteed by the State of the Republic of Indonesia


  • Rupiah
    • Retail Government Bonds (ORI)
    • Retail Savings Bonds (SBR)
    • Fixed Rate (FR)
  • Foreign Currency
    • Foreign-Currency State Bonds (INDON)

Government Sharia Securities (SBSN)

State Securities issued under sharia principles, as evidence of the participation in SBSN Assets in both rupiah and foreign currency.


  • Rupiah
    • Retail Sovereign Sukuk (SR)
    • Savings Sukuk (ST)
    • Project-Based Sukuk (PBS)
  • Foreign Currency
    • Foreign-Currency State Bonds (INDOIS)

Product Risk

Risk of Reduced Value of Participation Units
Reduced Participating Unit value can be brought by: - Changes in market conditions (eg. Interest rate, inflation, etc.) resulting in fluctuating prices/return rates of Securities - Default from the Securities Issuing company or the associated party of the Funds - Force Majeure experienced by Issuer.
Risk of Changing Political and Economic Conditions
The business performance of the industry is influenced by economic conditions, regulatory environment, and business climate for such business sector. Changes in government regulations related to macroeconomics, business, and taxation can affect the economic conditions and industry performance, which subsequently affect the rate of return and from the Funds.
Liquidity Risk
In the event all or the majority of Participation Unit holders simultaneously redeem their Fund Units to IM, the manager may be unable to meet their redemption obligations to pay out such redemption proceeds immediately. In the event of force majeure, the Investment Manager may refuse the Participation Unit redemption in accordance with the provisions of the Collective Investment Contract and OJK Regulations.
Exchange Rate Risk
The risk may arise from foreign currency exchange rate fluctuations against Rupiah.
Risk of Changes in Tax Regulations and Provisions
Any changes to the applicable legal provisions or government policies, especially in the macroeconomic sector related to Securities (money market instruments, debt securities and/or stocks) can affect the rate of return and investment returns from the Funds.

Important Information

Disbursement Estimation

Funds is disbursed to customer accounts on the settlement date, which is the date on which the transfer of ownership is made, with the following details:

Transaction Date +2 business days

Transaction Date +2 business days

Transaction Date +3 business days


The data or information listed on this page is presented and/or calculated based on data obtained from the Bond Issuer and/or other sources that PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) considers to be reliable. BCA shall not be responsible for the truth, accuracy, or completeness of data or information, including errors in data and information contained on this page. Any consequences arising from the use of such data or information shall be the sole and absolute responsibility of the (prospective) Investor. (Prospective) Investors are advised to seek advice from financial, legal, and tax advisors before purchasing Bond products. Such data or information is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute recommendation in any form and for any purpose and it is not intended as an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any product.

Information related to the limit of transaction value listed on this page refers to the Prospectus issued by the Issuer.

Informasi terkait batas nilai transaksi yang tercantum pada halaman ini mengacu pada dokumen informasi produk Obligasi yang diterbitkan oleh Penerbit Obligasi.

(Prospective) Investors are required to read and understand the Prospectus issued by the Issuer before investing in any Bond products.

Bonds are capital market products and NOT products issued by PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) and BCA shall not be liable or responsible for any claims and risks arising from investing in Bond products. BCA only acts as a Selling Agent.

Investment in Bond products is NOT part of third party deposits at BCA, it is not guaranteed by BCA and DOES NOT FALL within the scope of the Government Guarantee or deposit guarantee program. Investments in Bond products contain risks that allow (prospective) investors to lose part or all their invested capital. Every bond product purchased by (prospective) investors shall be the sole responsibility and decision of (prospective) investors, including if (prospective) investors choose the type of product that does not match the risk of (prospective) investors.
BCA is registered with and supervised by the Financial Authority Services (OJK).

Fees & Limit




Minimum order


Multiples of


Transaction Fee at Secondary Market





Minimum order

myBCA : IDR1.000.000
Cabang BCA : IDR100.000.000

Multiple of


Transaction Fee at Secondary Market





Minimum Order

myBCA : USD1,000
Cabang BCA : USD30,000

Multiple of


Transaction Fee at Secondary Market





Minimum Order


Multiple of


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Estimasi Kupon/Imbalan per Periode (nett) :


Estimasi Kupon/Imbalan Sampai Jatuh Tempo (nett) :


Kupon/Imbalan pertama (nett) merupakan coupon sebesar Rp0

Disclaimer :

  • Kalkulator ini disediakan hanya sebagai alat bantu simulasi Kupon/Imbalan Obligasi dan tidak dimaksudkan untuk menyediakan rekomendasi atau saran apa pun.
  • Simulasi Kupon/Imbalan Obligasi yang ditampilkan hanya bersifat indikatif, sehingga terdapat kemungkinan perbedaan dengan perhitungan pada saat nasabah melakukan transaksi yang sebenarnya.
  • Perhitungan ini belum dipotong biaya (apabila ada).
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