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Why buying RDN at BCA?

Easier Transaction

Simplify capital market transactions

Reliable Service

Rekening Dana Nasabah can be used immediately after created In just 30 minutes

Accordint to the Needs

2 products available: Rekening Dana Nasabah and Rekening Dana Nasabah Syariah


Rekening Koran/e-Statement dikirim ke email nasabah setiap bulan

Costumer Fund Account

About Important Information Fees & Limits

Rekening Dana Nasabah

Account intended for individual and corporate customers for settlement of transactions in the Capital Market. Account opening is conducted through a Securities Company that has collaborated with BCA to Open a Rekening Dana Nasabah


No Fees
Free of monthly administration fees and account closing fees
Checking Account
Monthly e-Statement is sent regularly via e-mail
e-Channel Facility
Easy check balance information and transfers at KlikBCA (Individual/Business) and BCA Mobile
  • Account cannot be closed automatically and closure can only be done at the request of a Securities Company/Regulator
  • Passbook/Check/Giro/Letter Authorization and BCA Passport Card are not available for this product
  • Cannot open account with joint account status
  • Currently BCA has provided:
    • Customer Fund Account
    • Sharia Customer Fund Account (RDN Syariah), through one of BCA's subsidiaries, BCA Syariah (BCAS)

Fees & Limit

Description Minimum Balance Balance on Hold Minimum Transaction Interest Rate
Giro IDR IDR 0 IDR 0 IDR 1 According to BCA interest rates
Tapres IDR IDR 0  IDR 0  IDR 1 According to BCA interest rates
Giro Valas 0 USD/SGD 0 USD/SGD 1 USD/SGD According to BCA interest rates
BCA Dollar 0 USD/SGD 0 USD/SGD 1 USD/SGD According to BCA interest rates
  • No monthly administration fees
  • No account closing fees

Interest Rates

Balance (IDR) Interest Rates (%pa)
 < 10,000,000 0.00
 ≥ 10,000,000 - < 50,000,000 0.02
 ≥ 50,000,000 - < 500,000,000 0.09
 ≥ 500,000,000 - < 1,000,000,000 0.15
 ≥ 1,000,000,000 0.25

Effective: May 1st, 2022

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