Product Description

BCA Life Perlindungan Kritis Optima is a health insurance product with Critical Illness Diagnosis Benefit and Death Benefit as well as an additional No Claim Bonus benefit. BCA Life Perlindungan Kritis Optima features premium payment for 8 (eight) years with insurance protection for 10 (ten) years. This product is offered via telemarketing channel with an affordable premium and flexible payment.


  1. As a financial guarantee in case of risk of Critical Illness occurs
  2. Providing a sense of comfort and security, relieving stress over the cost of medical care in the hospital due to Critical Illness
  3. Protecting against the risk of death that can happen anytime and anywhere

Main Benefits

  1. Benefits for Critical Illness Diagnosis with the following details:
    1. Benefit for diagnosis of Early to Intermediate Stage Critical Illness
    2. Benefit for diagnosis of Late-Stage Critical Illness
    3. Income compensation benefit
  2. Death Benefit due to Sickness or Accident
  3. No Claim Bonus Benefit of 50% (fifty percent) of the total Premium paid by the Policy holder if at the end of the 10th (tenth) Policy Year the Policy is still active and no claim is filed


  1. Protection from Critical Illnesses
  2. BCA Life Perlindungan Kritis Optima provides protection against Critical Illnesses including Early, Intermediate, and Late Stage. This protection also includes income compensation (specifically for the diagnosis of late-stage critical illnesses) to ease the burden of medical expenses.

  3. Affordable Premium and Flexible Payment
  4. Affordable premium starting from IDR127,000 per month, can be paid monthly or annually by auto-debit from BCA savings account or BCA Credit Card.

  5. Attractive Premium Program: Pay 8 Years, Free Extra 2 Years of Protection
  6. You pay the premium for only 8 years and be entitled to 10 years of protection by BCA Life.

Terms & Conditions

Entry Age: 6 months – 55 years
Payment: Monthly or annual auto-debit from BCA Savings account for 8 years
Coverage Period: For 10 years from policy validity

Table of Benefits

Table of Benefits (in thousand Rupiah)

Type of Benefit Plan A Plan B Plan C Plan D
Sum Insured 200.000 300.000 400.000 500.000
  1. Benefits for Critical Illness diagnosis:
    1. Benefit for Early to Intermediate Stages of Critical Illness diagnosis
    2. Benefit for Late-Stage Critical Illness diagnosis
    3. Income compensation benefit




2. Death Benefit:
  1. Due to Sickness/Illness
  2. Due to Accident
3. No Claim Bonus Benefit at the end of the 10th Policy Year 50% of the total Premium paid if the Policy is still active and no claim is filed


The amount of premium paid by the Policyholder includes acquisition, telemarketing, policy maintenance fees, and commission fee for the Bank.


Should the Policyholder wish to file any complaint about the purchase of an insurance product, the Policyholder can:

  1. Contact BCA Life Customer Service via HALO BCA at telephone number 1500888,
  2. Contact BCA Life Head Office at telephone number +6221-21888000 or
  3. Visit BCA Life Office.