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Smart Eazicare Blue

Smart Eazicare Blue

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About Cigna Indonesia

PT Asuransi Cigna (“Cigna Indonesia”) is a life insurance company that is registered and supervised by Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK). Cigna Indonesia, established in 1990, is a subsidiary of the Cigna Corporation, a global health services company that operates internationally in 30 countries and serves over 180 million customers worldwide.

Today, Cigna Indonesia has grown and evolved into one of the leading insurance companies in Indonesia, providing wide range of products and services that meet the protection needs of its customers throughout their life journey. At the end of 2019, Cigna Indonesia recorded solid financial results shown by a risk-based capital of 269%, well above the government regulation of 120%. Cigna Indonesia has received numerous awards from various business institutions and media publications in Indonesia. The awards are a testament of Cigna Indonesia’s commitment to being a customer-centric organization that continues to deliver relevant products and services to customers. For more information visit



A health insurance product that provides benefits for treatment and surgery due to illness or accident

  • Daily hospitalization benefit is 100 days per illness or accident per year
  • Surgery benefit given is a percentage of the benefits of surgery per event, depending on the type of surgery.


Cashless services can be used at Cigna’s providers spread across Indonesia

  • Cashless service, where the Policy Holder or Insured simply swipes their card to get inpatient care or surgery at Cigna’s provider.
  • For Main Insured and Spouse, you must show your ID Card when you visit the Provider, while for Dependents, you must use the ID Card of the Policy Holder.
  • The amount of benefit paid by the insurer will be accordance with the chosen plan, the excess claim will be borne by the Policy Holder or Insured.
  • For claims which occur outside the partner provider (in Indonesia or outside Indonesia), the reimbursement system will apply directly to Cigna. 


Local Ambulance Services and Domestic Services Assistance

  • Local Ambulance Service is an emergency evacuation service provided for events that occur within a distance of less than 150 km from registered residences and in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.
  • Domestic Assistance Service is an emergency evacuation service provided for events that occur a distance 150 km or more from registered residences and in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia and for the trips that do not exceed 90 days

This product can include Spouse and Children, and the Policy Holder must be the Main Insured if he/she wants to include Spouse and / or Children.


Benefit Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3

Hospitalization Benefit

IDR 500,000

IDR 750,000

IDR 1,000,000

Surgery Benefit

IDR 6,000,000

IDR 9,000,000

IDR 12,000,000

Local Ambulance services




Domestic Service Assistance






  1. The insurer will not to pay the Benefit of Insurance caused by, among others, the following
  2. The Insured commits or participates in an unlawful act;
  3. Abuse of the use of alcohol and / or illegal drugs;Involvement of the Insured in dangerous activities;
  4. Congenital diseases or abnormalities from birth.

Other Provisions

Term and Conditions

Entry age of the Insured : 6 months - 59 years old

Entry age of the Policy Holder : minimum 21 years old


Premium (in Rupiah)

Monthly Premium

Entry Age Main Insured Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3

18 - 29




30 - 39




40 - 49




50 - 59




60 - 64 *





Entry Age Spouse Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3

18 - 29




30 - 39




40 - 49




50 - 59




60 - 64 *





Entry Age Children Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3

0.5 - 17




18 – 22*




The premium You pay includes all costs charged to the Policy and is allocated for acquisition costs, Policy maintenance costs, commission fees, and other costs if any.



In this product, there are risks that may arise in the future, including capital adequacy risk, operational risk and compliance risk



Mr. Budi, 51 years old, purchased the Smart Eazicare Blue product with the option of Plan 1 and monthly premium payments.


Monthly Premium

  • IDR 285,300

Benefit of Insurance

  • Hospitalization benefit of IDR 500,000
  • Surgery benefit of IDR 6,000,000

Additional services*

  • Local Ambulance Services
  • Domestic Services Assistance


This Additional Service is not part of the benefits of the insurance policy and is only valid for a certain period. For further terms and conditions regarding this Additional Service, please contact Cigna SIAP at 1-500-033 or

When the condition of the Policy is active, Mr. Budi filed a claim because he had an accident and needed treatment for 1 day and had to undergo surgery with a moderate type of surgery.

For that, Mr. Budi has the right to get insurance benefits in the form of:

  1. Hospitalization Benefit : 1 day x IDR 500,000 = IDR 500,000
  2. Moderate Surgical Benefit : 50% x IDR 6,000,000 = IDR 3,000,000

This illustration is for general illustration only. The applicable Insurance Premiums and Benefits refer to the Policy Summary.



Some things to note about submitting an insurance claim:

  1. You can download the claim form from Specifically for the health claim form, we attach it together with your policy.
  2. Fill in the required claim form correctly and completely
  3. Prepare the documents that need to be included. The list of documents can be found in your policy or at
  4. Submit all required documents to Cigna Customer Service or send it by post


Inquiry and Complaint Service

CignaSIAP 1-500-033 on weekdays 8 am to 5 pm or access the portal or Website: or E-mail: or WA 08119619500.


Disclaimer (important to read):

  1. The insurance company can decline your application if it does not meet the requirements and applicable regulations
  2. You must carefully read the Product Information Summary and Services and have the right to ask employees of the Insurance Company for all matters related to this Product Information Summary and Services.



  • Smart EaziCare Blue is an Insurance Product specifically marketed in collaboration between PT Asuransi Cigna (Cigna Indonesia) and PT Bank Central Asia (BCA)
  • This product is owned by PT Asuransi Cigna. The insurance product is not a product and responsibility of PT Bank Central Asia (BCA) so it is not guaranteed by PT Bank Central Asia (BCA) and is not included in the coverage of the guarantee program as referred to in the legislation regarding deposit insurance institutions. Insurance risk is the responsibility of PT Asuransi Cigna.
  • PT Asuransi Cigna and PT Bank Central Asia Tbk are registered and supervised by the OJK

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