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PRU Hospital Cover is an insurance product that offers reimbursement benefits for hospitalization costs, including those due to special infectious diseases, daily benefits for intensive care units, and surgery in hospital. This product is marketed through telemarketing channels.

Key Benefits

  • Domestic Daily Inpatient
  • Overseas Daily Inpatient (Accident Only)
  • Daily ICU
  • Hospitalization Due to Special Infectious Diseases
  • Surgical Reimbursement


  • PRU Hospital Cover is an Insurance Product marketed specifically in collaboration between PT Asuransi Jiwa BCA (BCA Life) and PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA)
  • The Insurance Product is not a product and responsibility of the Bank, thus is not included in the guarantee program, and the Bank shall not be responsible for any information issued by Prudential
  • PT Prudential Life Assurance and PT Bank Central Asia Tbk are licensed and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK)

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Entry Age: 21 – 60 years old (the insured & spouse)
30 days – 17 years old (additional insureds - children)
Payment: monthly auto-debit via BCA Credit Card
Coverage Period: up to 65 years old (the insured & spouse)
up to 24 years old/married (additional insureds - children)

Premium Table

Age (years) Plan A Plan B Plan C

30 day – 20

69.000 138.000 207.000

21 – 30

74.000 148.000 222.000

31 – 40

96.000 192.000 288.000

41 – 50

138.000 276.000 414.000

41 – 60

212.000 424.000 636.000

61 – 65*

290.000 580.000 870.000

*Only for the renewal policy

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