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Proteksi Penyakit Kritis Maksima Extra (PRIMA Extra)

Comprehensive Critical Illness Protection up to 99 Years

Why should You Have PRIMA Extra?

Protection Against 136 Critical Illness

Up to 100% of Sum Insured

Major Cancer and Heart Treatment aboard

Max. 50% of Sum Insured

Benefits of ICU Treatment that requiring Invasive Ventilitator

Why should You Have PRIMA Extra?

Important Information Fees Get the Product FAQ

Important Information

Insurance Benefits

  • Protection benefits for 60 Major Critical Illnesses of 100% of Sum Insured
  • Angioplasty Surgery Benefit of 25% of Sum Insured (maximum of Rp250 million)
  • Death benefit or Maturity benefit of 100% of Sum Insured
  • Optional: Rider Benefits in the form of protection against 58 Minor Critical Illnesses of 25% of Sum Insured
  • Additional Benefit of 100% of Sum Insured in the event of Death Due to an Accident

Risk and Exclusions


The product contains risks, including but not limited to, credit risks and policy cancellation risks.


Death benefits will not be paid if the Insured passes away due to, among others, HIV, insurance crimes, self-inflicted injuries, or suicide.

See brochure for full risks and exclusions

Terms and Conditions

  • Age of the Insured: 1 month - 60 years old
  • Age of the Policyholder: at least 18 years old


You can check the complete information about this product via brochure


BCA and AIA licensed and supervised by Otoritas Jasa Keuangan.

The product is an insurance product of PT AIA Financial (AIA) and is not a product of BCA. BCA shall not be responsible for such insurance products.


This charge is deducted from your premium. The premium depends on the age of the Insured, the Sum Insured, and premium paying term.

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How long is the Free Look Period?

14 calendar days since the Policy is received by the Policyholder

How long is the Waiting Period for Insurance Benefits?

80 days from the effective date or reinstatement date of the Policy

How much is PRIMA Sum Insured?

Min. Sum Insured

IDR 200 million

Max. Sum Insured, age < 18 years old

IDR 3 billion

How long is the PRIMA Extra Paying Term?

Entry Age of the Insured

Premium Paying Term

1 month – 50 years old

5 or 10 or 20 years

51 – 55 years old

5 or 10 years

56 – 60 years old

5 years

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