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Maxi Value Protection

Your family is protected and their quality of life is well maintained

Why Should You Have Maxi Value Protection?

Lifetime Protection

Life insurance up to 99 years

Total Limit up to IDR 70 billion

Add PHS Extra for a limit for hospitalization costs of up to IDR 70 billion

Protection Against 169 Critical Illnesses

Add Vital Care Rider with Benefits of up to 300% Sum Assured for 169 Critical Illnesses

Maxi Value Protection

Maxi Value Protection

Important Information Fees Get the Product Additional Insurance FAQ

Important Information

Insurance Benefits

  • Death benefit up to 100% Sum Assured
  • Investment Benefit (Not Guaranteed)
  • Additional benefits from various rider options

Risks and Exclusions


This product is a unit link and contains risks including but not limited to market risk, liquidity risk, risk of changes in economic and political conditions, credit risk, withdrawal and redemption risk, tax risk, managed fund accountability risk and exchange rate risk.


The death benefit will not be paid because of these conditions, the customer commits an insurance crime, deliberately commits or participates in a crime/law violation, and the claim submitted is included in the Exclusion. A complete list of exceptions is fully regulated in the Policy.

Terms and Conditions

  • Age of the Insured: 1 month-70 Years
  • Minimum age of the policyholder is 18 years old


You can check the complete information about this product via brochure


BCA and AIA are licensed and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan).

This insurance product is an insurance product of PT AIA Financial (AIA) and is not a product of BCA. BCA is not responsible for these insurance products.

Acquisition Charges


Acquisition Charges

1 - 3


4 - 6


7 - 9




Insurance, Top Up, Administration



Insurance Charge The amount depends on age, gender, smoking status and Sum Assured
Top-Up Charge 5% of Top-Up Premium
Administration Charge IDR35.000 / month

Complete cost information can be accessed through the brochure

Get the Product

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Additional Insurance

Health Rider
Premier Hospital & Surgical Extra (PHS Extra)
Critical Illness Insurance Rider
Waiver Premium Rider
Waiver Care, Spouse Waiver, dan Payor Waiver Care


How long is the Insurance Period and Premium Paying Term?

Until the Insured turns 99 years old

What are the advantages of paying premium discipline?

From 11 years onwards, customer will get extra premium allocation up to 20% of the first year's Basic Premium or the lowest year's Basic Premium (whichever is lower)

Is the estimated Account Value on the Benefit Illustration guaranteed?

No, investment returns can change at any time (higher or lower) according to market conditions and are not guaranteed.