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Local Currency Settlement

Local Currency Settlement

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Local Currency Settlement

Outward Remittance service transaction to Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, and China settled using the respective local currencies of the related countries, Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), Thai Baht (THB), Japanese Yen (JPY), Chinese Yuan (CNY), or Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), which is more convenient and gives you more benefits to your trade of goods and services transaction.


Wide scope of transaction purpose

Local Currency Settlement can be used for a wide scope of transaction purpose, i.e

  • All payment for trades of goods and service activity between Indonesia with the related countries (excl. grants, donation, etc)
  • Payment for education, health service, and living cost
  • Payment and receipts related to employment fund
  • Transfer of income and payment for investment (direct investment, portfolio, etc)

Ease of transaction

  • Competitive price and rates
  • Investment alternative using related local currency
  • Faster transaction settlement
  • Easier requirement related to underlying document regulation for buy/sell foreign currency transaction above the regulated threshold
  • LCS transaction can open opportunity of obtaining customs and excises incentives in the form of minimized operational risks and chances of your imported goods being put on hold for inspection. To apply for customs and excise incentives, you need to:
    • Submit underlying document for every LCS transaction to BCA (mandatory although the transaction nominal is below the threshold)
    • Submit the same invoice that you process for Import Notification Registration (PIB) to BCA
    • LCS transactions must be carried out no later than D-2 before PIB registration

Special Promo

  • 100% Telex Fee Cashback for every LCS transaction in MYR, THB, and CNY currencies that uses Rupiah source of fund, valid until 31st December 2024

Important Information


Mata Uang






LCS Transaction

Transfer in foreign currency can only be transferred to all bank in currency Country

e.G JPY to Bank in Japan

CNY to Bank in China

Transfer in Rupiah can only be transferred to ACCD1) Bank in China, Japan, Malaysia, and Thailand

Amount per transaction for Underlying Document Requirement of Foreign Currency Transaction (Buy/Sell)

> ekv. USD 500,000

Any amount

≥ ekv. USD 200,000


Amount per transaction for Underlying Document Requirement of Transfer in Foreign Currency & Rupiah

≥ ekv. USD 100,000

Following the amount threshold of each LCS currency

Cut-off time

Value today2)






1) Appointed Cross Currency Dealer (ACCD) is the Bank appointed by Central Bank to facilitate LCS transaction.

2) Value Today is fund received by the Beneficiary Bank on the same day. Value Today transaction is available before the cut-off time for each currency

Fees, Charges, and Limit







IDR to Japan

IDR to Other Countries


IDR 50.000

Value today

IDR 30.000

Full amount3)

Min. JPY 3.000*)

USD 10 (eq.)

USD 25 (eq.)

Min. JPY 4.000

IDR 200.000

In lieu of exchange4)

0.125% x Transfer Amount
min USD 5 (eq.) – max USD 150 (eq.)

Flat USD 5



*) Full amount fee of Min. 3,000 JPY is only for transactions to ACCD Bank as follows:

  • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Group
  • Bank of Tokyo (MUFG)

3) Full amount is transaction received in full by the Beneficiary.

4) In lieu of exchange is the fee charged if the currency’s source of fund is the same as the currency of the transaction.

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