Guaranteed Euro

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Guaranteed Euro

Outward remittance services in EUR to all countries guaranteed to be received in full amount without any additional deduction fee.


Effective Full Amount
Competitive Exchange Rates and Fees

Important Information

  • Required information such as Beneficiary name, International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and BIC Code (Swift Code).

Fees, Charges, and Limit

Description Fees
Telex Fee IDR 50,000
Value Today IDR 30,000
Full Amount EUR 30
Provisi in Lieu 0.125% x Transfer Amount min USD 5 (eq.) – max USD 150 (eq.)
Provisi in Lieu (Bank Notes)*) 0.25% - 2% x Transfer Amount min USD 10 (eq.)

*) The in Lieu Provision fee of banknotes source of fund shall follow the applicable terms and conditions relating to currency, denomination, and condition of the banknotes.

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