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Digital CS

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CS Digital

The latest service that allows access to virtually various self-service transactions and is accessible 24/7 at designated places.

Transactions at CS Digital

Types of banking services that can be made through CS Digital are as follows:

  • Instant Card Replacement
  • Submission of Replacement of Conventional Card*)
  • Card issuance for accounts opened via BCA mobile or myBCA
  • m-BCA registration
  • KlikBCA Individu registration
  • KeyBCA registration*)
  • Submission of m-BCA Financial Activation**)
  • m-BCA status change
  • KlikBCA Individu status change


  •  *) Transaction settlement is followed up by Customer Service.
  • **) Transactions can be completed at the CS Digital machine if the phone number and account number are registered in the CIS of the customer making the transaction.
  • Card replacement and issuance are accessible for 22 hours, from 04:00 - 02:00 the following day at local time. Other services can be accessed 24 hours.
  • If the customer already has a KBI user ID and forgets it, the customer can check at CS Digital by following the registration flow on which the existing user ID will appear on the machine.

Terms of Transaction at CS Digital

Customers or prospective customer must produce e-KTP as a means of authentication for transactions on CS Digital machine

Complaint Handling

Complaints about CS Digital transactions can be submitted through the Halo BCA or contact BCA branch near you.

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