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Can be used anytime in all stores or outlets that have QRIS logo


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QRIS is a national QR code standard to facilitate non-cash payment methods issued by Bank Indonesia. Simply scan the QR code for easier and more convenient payments at all stores/outlets with the QRIS logo or cross-border QR payments.

Important Information

  • Transactions at QRIS stores/outlets/merchants are free of charge
  • QRIS transaction does not require a top-up as it deducts funds directly from the selected source for the transaction
  • All stores/outlets/merchants with QRIS logo can accept payments from any payment application
  • QRIS transactions on BCA mobile at merchants in foreign countries that have implemented cross-border QR payment cooperation with Indonesia
  • The maximum daily domestic QRIS limit on BCA mobile is Rp 25 million
  • The maximum daily cross-border QRIS limit on BCA mobile follows the ATM BCA debit card limit.


  • Limit per transaction is Rp10,000,000
  • The daily domestic QRIS limit is Rp25 million per day.
  • The daily cross-border QRIS limit is a combined BCA debit card limit according to the card type.

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