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Digital Experience

BCA Branch offices are committed to providing a digital experience for customers to enjoy a fast, easy, safe, and convenient transaction. Now, customers can benefit from a variety of digital-based banking services and solutions, such as biometrics verification, and the use of tablets and machines that can be used independently, supported by staff who are always ready to serve customer needs.

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Branch Office Services

  • Cash deposits and withdrawals
  • Fund transfers between BCA accounts
  • Interbank Transfer
  • Cheque / Bilyet Giro transactions
  • Foreign currency transactions
  • Payments (B2B Pertamina, Tax, etc.)
  • Opening of Tahapan, Giro, Deposits, and BCA Dollar accounts
  • Mobile/Internet Banking application (BCA mobile, KlikBCA Individu, klikBCA Bisnis)
  • Card transactions (Issuance, Replacement, Unblocking)
  • EDC / QRIS application
  • Credit product information and application
  • Investment product information and application
  • Insurance product information and application
  • BCA data update
  • Passbook issue / reissue
  • Complaint handling

Machine and Application Services


This application allows you to make reservations and fill out transaction forms prior to coming to the branch.

Reservations and eForms that can be done through eBranch:

  • Cash deposit
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Foreign currency purchase
  • Account opening
  • Mobile / internet banking application
  • Credit Card application

eBranch services are also accessible through ebranch.bca.co.id.

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Using an ATM card and/or e-KTP lets you enjoy the convenience of various banking services through the eService machine.

Banking services that can be done via eService:

  • Tahapan account opening
  • Mobile / internet banking application
  • Passbook issue / reissue

STAR Teller

Do you want to deposit or withdraw cash quickly, safely, and easily? STAR Teller machines and BCA Branch staff are ready to assist customers with their cash transaction needs.

Banking services that can be done via STAR Seller:

  • Cash Deposit
  • Cash Withdrawal

CS Digital

Enjoy the convenience of various banking services through CS Digital machines.

Banking services that can be done via CS Digital:

  • Card replacement: Migration to chip, lost, damaged, card type change, forgot PIN
  • Issue of digital to physical card
  • BCA mobile / internet banking registration

CS Digital is accessible 24/7 at designated locations. Find CS Digital locations here.

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