Apply Your AIA Insurance and Get a Trip To Labuan Bajo

Until 31 Dec 2023

For Customer

Apply Your AIA Insurance and Get a Trip To Labuan Bajo

Maintaining good health is the foremost asset in life, enabling us to engage in various activities with a healthy body and a healthy mind. To preserve our well-being, we adopt a lifestyle that helps us to manage stress effectively. Nevertheless, as time passes, the functionality of our bodily tissues and organs naturally decreased. Recognizing the prevalence of illness and persistent rise in medical expenses, it becomes imperative for every family to prepare for the potential financial problem of medical treatment. To mitigate the financial impact, insurance becomes a necessity. BCA offers several insurance options, including life insurance, health insurance, critical illness insurance, child education insurance, and retirement plans.

Apply Your AIA Insurance Before December 31st 2023, Get Trip Package to Labuan Bajo or Hundred-Million Rupiah Cashback

Get cashback up to 20%

Annually Premium (IDR) Cashback Earner (Percentage is multiplied by annual premium)
PRIMA Extra / Maxi Value Protection /Maxi Infinite Link Assurance Plus EduPlan / RetirePlan/ Medic Pro

≥ 25 Million to < 50 Million

4% of Cashback

2% of Cashback

≥ 50 Million to < 100 Million

6% of Cashback

3% of Cashback

≥ 100 Million to < 300 Million

1 pax of trip to Labuan Bajo or

8% of Cashback

4% of Cashback

≥ 300 Million to < 500 Million

2 pax of trip to Labuan Bajo or

10% of Cashback

1 pax of trip to Labuan Bajo or

5% of Cashback

≥ 500 Juta to < 1 Billion

4 pax of trip to Labuan Bajo or

12% of Cashback

2 pax of trip to Labuan Bajo or

6% of Cashback

≥ 1 Billion

4 pax of trip to Labuan Bajo & 10% of Cashback or 20% of Cashback

4 pax of trip to Labuan Bajo & 5% of Cashback or 10% of Cashback

More information:

  • The trip to Labuan Bajo includes a round-trip flight ticket from Jakarta to Labuan Bajo, transportation during your stay in Labuan Bajo, meals, a 5-star hotel (2 nights) and cruise in Komodo National Park.
  • This trip is exclusively for private groups, available only to AIA policyholders at BCA who meet the program's terms and conditions.
  • The trip will take place if it meets the minimum pax quota. If the trip is not carried out, a substitute prize in the form of cashback will be provided according to the terms.

Dapatkan Ekstra Cashback hingga Rp660 ribu dan 2%

Moreover, you may combine 20% of cashback with 2% cashback extra promotion as follows:

Promo Reward Product Terms and Conditions

Extra Cashback up to IDR 660,000

All products

· Apply insurance through Leave contact via webform here

· Policy purchase is integrated with AIA Vitality in annual payment method, with a minimum premium purchase of 12 million-rupiah in a year.

Extra Cashback 2%

PRIMA Extra/Maxi Value Protection/Maxi Infinite Link Assurance Plus

· Exclusively applied for BCA Prioritas/BCA Solitaire/debtor

· Policy purchase is integrated with AIA Vitality in annual payment method, with a minimum premium purchase of 25 million-rupiah in a year.

Note: customers with certain criteria must fill out Bancassurance Life Consultant (BLC) AIA form to get extra cashback.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The program is applied until December 31st 2023
  2. The program is applied for PRIMA Extra/Maxi Protection Plus/ Maxi Infinite Link Assurance/EduPlan/RetirePlan/MedicPro policy with a minimum premium purchase of 25 million-rupiah in a year, and applied only for annual payment.
  3. The program is acknowledged for new approved policy (inforced) and no cancelation (surrender) occurred during freelook period with the following term and condition for each policy.
  4. Cashback will be paid no later than 60 calendar days after the policy issue date.
  5. Trip will started at the first quarter in 2024.
  6. Policy in USD use JISDOR October 2nd 2023 with USD rate 1 USD = IDR 15,519

Simulation to Get Promotion

Illustration #1

Mr. Andika has interest to PRIMA Extra and use Leave Contact feature in by filling out webform (button click “Ajukan Sekarang”) at the bottom of the page.

Product : RetirePlan

Premium : IDR 100 million/year

Payment : Annually (10 years of payment period)

Mr. Andika will get the benefits as follows:

  1. A retirement fund of Rp70 million per year from the age of 51 to 70.
  2. If Mr. Andika is still healthy at the age of 70, he will receive 250% x IDR 100 million = IDR 2.5 billion.
  3. One special trip to Labuan Bajo for one person or a cashback of 8% x IDR 100 million = IDR 8 million.
  4. An additional cashback of IDR 660,000 because Mr. Andika applied for insurance through the webform on the website

So, the total cashback of Mr. Andika would be (IDR 8,000,000 + IDR 660,000)= IDR 8,660,000

Illustration #2:

Mrs. Rina is a BCA Prioritas customer. She decided to apply Maxi Protection Plus with rider prestige PHS Extra in October 2023. 

Product : Maxi Value Protection + rider prestige PHSE

Premium : IDR 500 million/year

Payment : Annually

Mrs. Rina would get the benefits as follows:

  1. Life coverage and health insurance up to 99 years
  2. Private room in hospital with one bed and private bathroom (United States is excluded), with limit total up to IDR 50 billion
  3. A trip to Labuan Bajo for 4 people or a cashback of 12% x Rp500 million = IDR 60 million.
  4. Extra cashback for Ms. Rina, a Priority customer, amounting to 2% x IDR 500 million = IDR 10 million.
  5. If diagnosed with an illness, Ms. Rina also receives Personal Medical Management services, including assistance from a Specialist Doctor with global access for more accurate diagnosis and treatment plans.
  6. Teleconsultation services up to 12 times a year, comprising 6 consultations with Specialist Doctors and 6 consultations with General Practitioners.

The total benefits obtained by Ms. Rina are:

  • A trip to Labuan Bajo for 4 people, or
  • Cashback of IDR 70 million.

For more information, visit the nearest BCA branch or click button “I Want The Promo” above the page.


BCA and AIA are licensed and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan).

This insurance product is an insurance product of PT AIA Financial (AIA) and is not a product of BCA. BCA is not responsible for these insurance products.

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