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Update Your Financial Data For Your Safety

Many people think updating personal data is not an important thing. In fact, it has great benefits for your banking transactions. Make sure that you know the benefits of updating your personal data.

Data update in banking is the process of updating the data that you have registered in a bank or other financial service provider companies. Data update usually includes renewing general personal data, such as full name, address, phone number, and other.

What is Bank Data Update For?

There are many benefits of updating your data, especially with new security features that you need to perform banking transactions in this digital era, such as OTP code, transaction notifications, and other banking information.

Therefore, one of the benefits of data updates is to maintain your financial security and prevent misuse by other parties. For example, when you change your cell phone number, you must also update that new number to be the one linked to your BCA account.

You will be asked to update your data when a bank is intending to upgrade its services. Bank will require your accurate data as a verification process. Besides improving services and features, the benefit of data updates in banking transactions is to prevent you from all types of data abuse by irresponsible parties.

Data update is also a process ruled by OJK Regulation No. 12/POJK.01/2017 on the Implementation of Anti-Money Laundering and Prevention of Terrorism Funding in Financial Sector Programs. So, do not panic, updating your data is the safest process to do if you want to protect your financial data.

What Happen If You Did Not Update Your Data?

If you did not update your data, banks will not have your latest data. Thus, banks will not be able to identify if there is a discrepancy between your profile data and the existing customer’s transaction data.

Updating your data means strengthening your financial security. For example, if you changed a cell phone number where the old number was linked to your BCA account, you need to immediately update and link the new number. If not, your mobile banking account/debit card/credit card would be at risk of misuse by irresponsible parties.

If bad luck happened and you became a victim of scams, the verification process would take a longer time at the bank since they do not have your most current profile data.

How To Do Update Data in BCA?

If you are a BCA customer, worry not, because you can swiftly, securely, and easily update your data via the Halo BCA app. You will get a simple, comfortable, convenient, and secure experience for data updates.

Halo BCA app is BCA’s official app consolidating all Halo BCA channels in one app, such as call, chat, email, and Twitter. You can download it from App Store and Playstore to your smartphone.

Halo BCA’s data update feature is easy to use as you can use it anywhere, anytime. Just click Pengkinian Data and you will see the steps to update your data, and do not forget to prepare your ID card before proceeding with the process.

Now you know how important it is to update your banking data. Do it now if you have not done it. Find more tips for a safer banking life.

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