22 Jul 2021 | Edukatips

Applying for KPR BCA Gets Easier with These 5 (five) Features!

BCA has come to help you realize your dream house with KPR BCA ONLINEXPO from 1 - 31 July 2021.  

You should not miss the incredible benefits from KPR BCA ONLINEXPO for you who are looking for houses, including special interest rates namely 5,25% eff.p.a 3-year Fixed Interest for a new and second hand house.

There is also the Planned Installment feature giving you a bigger loan or smaller initial installments compared to regular installment schemes. Then, to ease your KPR BCA request process, we provide many other innovative features to help you make your dream houses come true in a planned, practical, and comfortable way. What are those innovative features? Here we go!

e-Form Feature

You may apply for KPR BCA via e-Form whenever you like and wherever you are. To support the process, you must beforehand prepare complete personal documents and mortgage guarantees in softcopies to be uploaded on the e-Form. Access the KPR BCA e-Form here.

Simulasi Feature

Beside the e-Form, you can also calculate the KPR installment using the Simulation feature at rumahsaya.bca.co.id. With this feature, you can calculate KPR based on the budget you have prepared and the tenor you desire. To start the simulation, click here.

e-Tracking Feature

Do not worry about tracking your KPR BCA request status. The e-Tracking feature helps you monitor your KPR BCA request status online and in real-time. If you have submitted the KPR BCA request, track your request status here.

“Contact Me” Feature

If you have some questions or want to understand more about what KPR BCA is all about, use the Contact Me feature, our KPR BCA team will call you back by phone to explain all about KPR.

Live Chat Feature

Lastly, use the Live Chat feature to ask KPR BCA ONLINEXPO programs or products directly to the Halo BCA team. The Live Chat feature is available from 8.30 AM to 7 PM WIB.

So, what are you waiting for? Flood the KPC BCAONLINEXPO by clicking this.

Houses of your dreams are no longer dreams. Make it true with the help of KPR BCA ONLINEXPO. Share this information to your loved ones.