29 Apr 2021 | Edukatips

Manage Your Holiday Bonus Wisely, Time to Invest on Welma

Welcoming Eid al-Fitri, a holiday bonus or also known as THR is something employees are waiting for.

With additional funds entering your bank account, you need to manage it wisely so your THR would not disappear without a trace. Below are some tips you can consider to manage your holiday bonus:

Do not see a holiday bonus as a fixed income

You should categorize THR as an additional income in your budget. Why? Because despite it being mandatory for employers to give THR, the amount and time are never certain. This may happen if you just moved companies, resigned, or even when there were unpredicted events, such as the Covid-19 pandemic. If you perceive THR as a fixed income, your financial planning might be disrupted.

Allocate your THR wisely

Below are few alternatives to use your THR:

  1. Holiday necessities: You may allocate a portion of your THR for your holiday needs, such as celebratory food, new clothes, and gifts for your parents and extended families.
  2. Pay debts: If you have debts, you should allocate a portion of your THR to pay them. Reducing your debt would lessen your burden and you will be more flexible in your future financial planning.
  3. Investment: Allocate a part of your THR for investment according to your risk profile and needs. For example, you may add investment in mutual funds for a retirement fund. For investment needs, Welma have it covered.
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  5. Emergency Fund: You can also separate a portion of your THR to add to your emergency fund stash, which should be liquid. You never know what may happen, better safe than sorry.
  6. Charity: There are other people’s rights in your blessings, so do not forget to share with people in need.

May this information and tips be useful for you. Happy Eid al-Fitr holiday for everyone who celebrates it.


Lebaran makan ketupat, lauknya disajikan di atas meja

Alokasikan THR dengan tepat, agar tidak menguap begitu saja


Penulis: Liza Lavina, EVP Intermediary Business Schroders Indonesia



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