BCA Dollar

Ease of saving and investing at once

Why BCA Dollar?

Various Choice

Available in USD and SGD currencies which able to be utilized for both saving and investing at once


BCA Dollar card can be used as identity ID and BCA ATM Card


Ease of direct transactions through various BCA channels

BCA Dollar

BCA Dollar

Get maximum benefit to save and invest with globally recognized currencies

Get to know the product

  • Interest rate fluctuations can be occurred following market development
  • Keep your PIN confidential and ensure that Paspor BCA card doesn’t transfer its ownership
  • Unavailable to joint account
  • The account will be closed automatically, in case of there is 0.00 amount in your account successively for 3 months.

Individual terms and conditions

  • Attain the age over 21 years old
  • Original identity document
  • Copy of identity document

Individual terms and conditions

  • KlikBCA
  • m-BCA
  • Service info via SMS/Email
  • BCA by Phone

Fees, limits and interest rate


Information Fee
Minimum initial deposit
USD 100
SGD 200
Monthly administration fee
Account closing fee

  • There will be provision fee 0.5% of excess when the deposit amount is more than USD 50.000/day/accoun
  • USD deposit with disreputable condition or small denomination will get 1:1 exchange rate calculation with 0.25% provision fee
  • Deposited currency unavailable to be withdrawn in the same day
  • Currency withdrawal in counter with more than USD 1000 or SGD 1000 amount ought to make confirmation the day before. If not done, there will be Rp 100.000 charging fee.
  • Banknotes withdrawal will get 1:1 currencies calculation with requirements:
    1. 0,5% provision fee for USD 10.000 of excess /month/account
    2. 0,5% provision fee for SGD 10.000 of excess /month/account
    Notes: If BCA branch office has sufficient amount of money
  • Withdrawal with Rupiah or other different currencies will be using applicable sell and buy currency rates


BCA Dollar USD

Balance (USD)

Interest rate (%pa)

<100 0,00
≥100 - <10.000 0,10
≥10.000 - <100.000 0,10
≥100.000 - <200.000 0,20
≥200.000 0,30

Effective date: 17 June 2021

BCA Dollar SGD

Balance (SGD)

Interest rate (%pa)

<200 0,10
≥200 0,10

Effective date: 04 November 2019

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