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Outward Remittance

Foreign currency transfer and collection becomes faster, easier and more secure

Why Outward Remittance?

16 currencies

Competitive fee for 16 currencies such as AUD, CAD, CHF, DKK, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY, CNH, SAR, SEK, SGD, NZD, USD, THB & MYR

Value Today

Fund arrives in the same day to receiver

Full Amount

Receiving full amount of fund without deduction

Outward Remittance

Outward Remittance

Needs of foreign currency transfer from domestic or abroad is highly demanded. That’s why BCA presented Outward Remittance with variety of ease and benefit for smooth foreign currency transfer


Foreign currency transfer service that supported by broad corresponding bank network globally to fasten the transaction
Ease of foreign currency transfer at BCA office branch nationwide or through internet banking
Guaranteed and protected fund during foreign currency transfer worldwide

Important Information

Local Currency Settlement

Foreign currency remittance services to Japan, Malaysia, and Thailand using the local currencies of IDR, JPY, MYR, and THB: convenient and bankable for trade transactions

Competitive exchange rates and fees as well as extensive coverage of transactions, including:

  • LCS MYR and THB
  • Payment for imported goods
    Payment for imported services, including payments to hotels, medical and educational institutions

  • Payment for imported goods and services
    Transfer of funds from earnings and direct investments
    Payment for imported services, including payments to hotels, medical and educational institutions, as well as living costs

Terms and Conditions

Information Currency
LCS Transaction Remittance in JPY currency to all banks in Japan Remittance in THB currency can only be made to all banks in Thailand Remittance in MYR currency can only be made to all banks in Malaysia Remittance in IDR currency can only be made to ACCD1) Bank in Japan 5), Malaysia, and Thailand
Amount of Foreign Currency Purchase with Mandatory Underlying Transaction the equivalent USD 25,000 the equivalent USD 200,000; Any amount
Telex Fee IDR 50,0006)
Value Today2) Fee IDR 30,000
Full Amount3) Remittance Fee For further details on fees for JPY LCS, please contact a BCA branch office. the equivalent of USD 25 IDR 200,000
Commission in Lieu 4) 0.125% x remittance amount (the equivalent of USD 5 min.; USD 150 max.) Flat USD 57) -
Transactions should be conducted at a BCA branch office


1)Appointed Cross Currency Dealer (ACCD) Bankmeans a bank designated by the Central Bank to execute LCS transactions.
2)Value Todaymeans the funds are received by the beneficiary bank on the same day.
3)Full Amount : The funds are received in full amount by the beneficiary without any deduction.
4)Provisi in Lieu Lieu means a fee that will be charged by BCA if the currency of the funds you transfer is the same as the currency of the funds to be received by the beneficiary.
5)IDR to JPY remittance service will be available soon.
6)The Promotional Program of Free Telex Fee (worth IDR 50,000) is valid for JPY LCS transactions until 30 June 2021.
7)The Promotional Program of Free Commission in Lieu is valid for MYR and THB LCS transactions until 31 December 2021.

BCA Full Payment

With this foreign currency remittance service, the remittance amounts are received by the beneficiary in full amount without any deduction and at competitive costs. Currently, the BCA Full Payment service is available for the following foreign currencies: USD, SGD, AUD, HKD, DKK, GBP, CAD, and NZD. For each transaction using the BCA Full Payment service, you will get a special gift, namely a Flazz Card that comes with a new logo and a balance of IDR 25,000 for transactions within the period of January - June 2021 (subject to availability)..

Terms and Conditions

  • The transaction currency must be the same as the currency of the destination country (e.g., transferring USD to the United States)
  • The funds are received in full amount by the beneficiary
  • The maximum transfer amount is the equivalent of USD 25,000 per transaction
  • The local clearing code of the beneficiary bank should be provided
  • The beneficiary’s address details are required for remittance to the United States and Australia (City, Postal Code, and State)
  • Transactions are processed on a non value today basis
  • Transactions should be conducted at a BCA branch office
  • The customer is required to provide additional information as required by the applicable provisions to which the transaction currency is subject, namely:
Transaction Currency Destination Country Beneficiary’s Account Number Local Clearing Code Beneficiary’s Address details
USD United States (US) 17 characters maximum ABA Number (Electronic/ACH) 9 characters City, Postal Code, State
SGD Singapore 11 characters maximum Sorting Code 7 characters -
AUD Australia 9 characters maximum BSB Number 6 characters City, Postal Code, State
HKD Hong Kong  9 characters maximum Routing Code 6 characters -
DKK Denmark 14 characters maximum (non IBAN) Bank Code 4 characters -
GBP United Kingdom 11 characters maximum (non IBAN) Sorting Code 6 characters -
CAD Canada 12 characters maximum Routing Number 9 characters -
NZD New Zealand 10 characters maximum Clearing Code 6 characters -

Notes: Full Payment Transactions cannot be made to a Virtual Account Number

For information on the Local Clearing Codes for USD, SGD, and HKD, please click the links below

Disclaimer: We advise that you ask the beneficiary to confirm the correct Local Clearing Code before conducting the transaction. We are not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, and correctness of the information on the Local Clearing Codes provided on the above websites. Any reliance on such information and any decision you make based on the information will be at your own risk and responsibility.

AUD Remittance

  • AUD Full Amount
    AUD remittance service to all banks in Australia in Full Amount at low cost
  • AUD Today
    Transfer AUD to Australia by 13:00, and the funds will be received on the same day by the beneficiary bank (ANZ Bank, NAB, Commonwealth Bank)


Outward Remittance service in more than 100 foreign currencies (outside the existing 14 foreign currencies). BCA will remit funds in USD and the beneficiary will receive the money in the local currency of the destination country.

The amount received by the beneficiary is based on the applicable Multicurrency exchange rate on the transaction day. The foreign currency remittance service is based on USD and the transaction can only be processed if the remittance is made to the country of the relevant currency (e.g., remitting Taiwan Dollar to Taiwan).

Guaranteed Euro

Foreign exchange remittance service in Euro to all countries with ‘full amount’ guarantee, without any fees and charges.

Terms & Conditions:

  • The remitter provides the correct beneficiary’s name, International Bank Account Number (IBAN), and BIC Code (Swift Code)
  • The funds will be received in full, without any deduction (Full Amount)
  • Pay the ‘Full Amount’ fee of EUR 30 + Telex fee of IDR 50,000

China Today

Foreign currency remittance in dollar currency to banks in China with same-day service. Get the flexibility to conduct remittance transactions to the seven largest banks in China: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of Communications, China Merchants Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank

Terms & Conditions

  • The remittance amount must have been received at a branch office by 12:00 WIB
  • Provide the complete, correct, and accurate details of the destination bank, bank’s address, beneficiary’s name, and the beneficiary’s account number
  • The transaction is made on a business day in China and the United States.

Yuan Remittance

Foreign currency remittance service in Yuan worldwide

Terms & Conditions

  • The remitter and the beneficiary are either an individual or a corporate entity
  • It is necessary to provide information on the SWIFT or CNAPS (China National Advance Payment System) code or the clearing code of the beneficiary bank in China
  • It is necessary to provide the correct and accurate address of the beneficiary bank, including the city and province
  • If the beneficiary is an individual, the remitter must provide the beneficiary’s name in Chinese characters and the local ID number, or the remitter can provide a copy of the beneficiary’s identity card (at the branch office)
  • If the beneficiary is a corporate entity, it must be registered in RMB Trade Settlement Enterprises
  • The transaction is conducted on a business day in China

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