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Inward Remittance

Foreign currency transfer and collection becomes faster, easier and more secure

Why inward remittance?

Low risk of loss

Stability and accuracy of BCA’s service in handling foreign currency transfer is designed to lower the risk of loss

Interbank transfer

Ease of foreign currency transfer, even interbank transfer

Fast process

Doesn’t take a long time for foreign currency transfer, fund is accepted in the same day

Inward Remittance

Inward Remittance

For business and personal use, ease and speed of foreign currency transfer is truly important. With Inward Remittance there will be no difficult and long fund collection. Every needs for foreign currency collection and transfer is now easier and faster than imagine.

Easy collection process
Collection process free of being bothered and less paperwork
Competitive exchange rate
Free worries of the falling value of received exchange rate

Important information

Term and conditions

  • Fill the disbursement document
  • Show the PIN number and ID card
  • Name from the app obligated to be match with ID card
  • Pay for stamp duty Rp6.000

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