BCA Smart Solution

Solusi Cerdas BCA

Education is a major factor in developing superior human resources that contributes to the advancement and development of Indonesia. Since 1996, BCA has developed CSR programs in the field of education, the BCA Smart Solution program, by providing support for education, particularly for those who are not financially capable.

BCA Smart Solution is designed to build synergy with the business, including for recruiting talented staff for the Bank.

BCA Smart Solutions program is developed on an ongoing basis, among other things:

This program is dedicated to good-achievement Bachelor students with financial constraints
BCA actively creates and publishes materials about BCA banking solution education on many media
BCA’s high concern on education is reflected on supporting tools provision
Bakti BCA Internship program is designed for high school and bachelor graduates who have passion in banking industry
This non-degree accounting course will deliver on-job training in BCA workplace to its students
This is non-degree bachelor-equal IT course, free-of-charge and targeted to high school graduates.
BCA commits to develop education quality and to support school infrastructures with School Fostering program