• Corporate Social Reponsibility

    Through corporate social responsibility activities, BCA supports sustainable development goals and the implementation of sustainable finance.

BCA Smart Solution

Solusi Cerdas BCA

Education is the main tool in developing quality human resources. Therefore, BCA continues to develop CSR programs that improve education for the community. This program is developed for the long term through the Smart Solutions pillar under Bakti BCA.

Smart Solutions focuses on providing educational support for people with financial constraints. It also focuses on improving education in low-income areas by supporting an education equality program. Programs that have so far been carried out include:

This program is designed for bachelor's degree (S1) students who perform academically but have financial constraints.

BCA implements a number of programs that strive to improve the literacy index and financial inclusion of the Indonesian people.

BCA actively cooperates with educational institutions and universities across Indonesia, to support the development of Indonesian education.

This program is designed for high school and bachelor graduates to be equipped and trained in banking operations.

This program is designed for high school, vocational or equivalent graduates to study accounting for 30 months.

This program is designed for high school, vocational, or equivalent graduates who are interested in the IT field.

BCA provides assistance in the form of facilities and infrastructure construction, as well as training for teachers.